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date: thu, 2 dec 1999 20:11:06 est
subject: [ig-news] interview outtakes

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

as promised, leftover stuff from my interview with amy ray that didnt make it
into or got cut from the sonicnet story. thanks again for question

on the new album:

this record was important to me because it is an evolution and a progression
in the electronic realm but it also harkens back to our earlier stuff, some
of the folkier stuff and i really wanted to do that. we wanted to make an
acoustic record but we didnt have enough straight acoustic stuff to fill up
and then we met john and the band at lilith and we started jamming with them
and sinead. he invited emily and i over -- he said lets play a little bit in
england and we went over there. we just recorded in his apartment, where he
had a studio and that was really cool...john brought out the sound i was
looking for in my electric stuff that i havent been able to find. i needed to
be able to just sit there by myself and play and work it out and he was
really patient with me.

on "ozilline," her grandmother and dealing with the difficult subject of

it's been a hard year for us. weve had a lot of losses. the thing about my
grandmother...she's 94. the thing about her is she is a fiery woman you know.
my grandmother is like a lesson oriented woman...she believes in lessons, in
life lessons. she's big on that. and then there's this friend we have that's
like family to me and she has a debilitating illness but she always puts a
good face on it and has a positive outlook. i wanted to write about those
things. i record my grandmother telling stories a lot because i really love
her stories. she is a great story teller. so what's on the cd is just one of
the tapes i have of her.

on her growth as a songwriter:

it's been so important for me to move beyond introversion and melodrama. you
know.  and it's not like i'm holding myself back from writing that way. it's
not like i still want to write that way. i dont. not at all. i really dont
want to write that way anymore.  it has been so important to me to grow as a
songwriter and i'm constantly working really hard on that.

on go and the high school controversy:

when those high school kids stood up for us and themselves like that it meant
a lot to us. it helped me finish go. i had started that song awhile ago and i
just couldnt get it to work. couldnt get it done. and then the high school
thing happened and it all just came. those kids helped me write that song.

plans for 2000:

yeah we are planning to do honor the earth. it will be  early summer into
fall. early stages of planning it now. it'll be four weeks. it's gonna be
good. we hope to do suffergette again too. that thing last year was only the
very beginnings of what that can be. that is a fun deal. and we're gonna try
to play some high schools again too. planning to head to austrailia. parts of
europe. emily has already told me she really wants to go to japan. so  that's
a possibility.

on how audiences are reacting to the new stuff:

we're always really worried playing new stuff. you know, it's just natural to
worry about it. but i tell you we've gotten the best instant response for
this new stuff than we've ever gotten before. usually it takes some time for
support to build, but it's been there. it's our audience being really open
and willing and we appreciate that.

on the breaking up question:

no we're definitely not breaking up. we're at a great point right now and we
love this band and emily and i love working together. we are polar opposites,
but i think we inspire eachother to grow. (*at this point i said "yeah you
know when i first listened to the record and gone again came on i thot 'wow,
it is amy doing an emily song. and then trouble came on and i said wow it's
emily doing an amy song. i had to check the liner notes at that point.' for
some reason she got a big kick out of that and cracked up. then she said>)
she's expressing herself with harder edge tunes sometimes and sometimes i'm
writing more in the vein she usually writes. thats great. it's so good to be
in a creative partnership where you have that kind of freedom.

i asked her what it felt like to hear people in the audience belting out
their lyrics during closer to fine, power of two, gone again, galileo, shame
on you. i told her she always gets this look of amazement on her face and
they both seem to just genuinely beam. i said " i read a blurb about you guys
in rolling stone not too long ago and the guy wrote 'some day soon the indigo
girls won't have to play full songs at their shows anymore. they'll just do
the opening notes, back away from the mikes and let the audience take it from
there." she laughed hard and said:

that's great. he's probably right. i love it when the audience does that. it
feels right. it feels like what music is supposed to be about. it's a
community thing. it's like  the audience can feel like they are making some
contribution to what's happening, like it's important for them to be there.
you know when emily is singing her songs, i'm off to the side singing along
on her parts, just like the audience. i understand and it's good.

on her solo album, whether she will release it on daemon, and their future
with epic:

im going to do it(the solo album) without a doubt. i thot i was going to do
it after this record but i ran out of time because we ran over a month. gonna
do it on daemon. it'll be like punk and a little country....i dont know if
epic is going to let me do it, but they've been really supportive of daemon.
i have to go have some private corporate meeting about this eventually. i
think we have two left with know, i dont know. emily and i are going
to have to talk about that. emily and i have different perspectives on that.
i would like for us to be independent but she and i have to figure that out
together. epic is a great label and has been very good to us and everyone on
epic has a lot of freedom, but even epic is getting more corporate....

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date: thu, 2 dec 1999 07:46:41 est
subject: [ig-news] boot offer:  branches needed for kmtt interviews cd

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hello everyone,

jude & i have put together a cd boot of all of the recent interviews & in
studio performances on kmtt in the past few months.

we had a lot of fun pooling our resources and putting the project together.
we hope it is really going to light some fires on the list!

we've also added the interview/in-studio performance that the girls did in
studio c, in los angeles last month.    now is everybody's chance to hear all
the interviews they've heard about on the west coast!

i would like to put together a cd tree, and am asking for people willing to
be branches.   if interested, please send me an email at or
contact jude at

details on the cd follows:
track 1 - amy ray on kmtt - june 1, 1999
telephone interview

track 2 - indigo girls on kmtt - september 3, 1999
interview, peace tonight

track 3 - emily saliers on kmtt - november 9, 1999
telephone interview

track 4 - indigo girls on kmtt - november 12, 1999
private radio concert - taped at columbia city theater, seattle, wa
interview, gone again, peace tonight, go, get out the map

track 5 - indigo girls in studio c - radio 103.1 - november 4, 1999
interview, peace tonight, go

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #220

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