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  [ig-news] embarrassing corrections - den fillmore 11/19  [nakedeye10@aol.c]
  [ig-news] ig 11/19 denver fillmore review              []


date: sun, 21 nov 1999 03:27:05 est
subject: [ig-news] embarrassing corrections - den fillmore 11/19

first, while i wrote it down on my setlist, when writing my review, i
neglected to mention "compromise."  not a particular favorite on the album,
it kicks ass on stage.  this one came between "least complicated and "closer
to fine."  my friend jill caught this as she was reading a paper copy of the
review in line tonight.

then while in the house waiting for the show, it dawned on me that i
neglected to write down "cold beer and remote control."  i wasn't 100%
certain, but i was pretty sure that this one was slipped in between "shed
your skin" and "romeo and juliet."  after tonight's show, i confirmed it
against last night's "official" setlist (thanks scooter!), and my
memory/logic was right on.

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date: sun, 21 nov 1999 03:26:38 est
subject: [ig-news] ig 11/19 denver fillmore review

[sherlyn's note: i have edited this message.]

hello girls and boys,

now that i'm somewhat recovered from yesterday's indigo adventure, i thought
you all might appreciate the blow by blow.


shawn mullins opened, coming on right about 8 and playing for close to a full
hour.  personally, i would have much rather heard vonda or michelle, but
nobody asked me.  he was pleasant enough, but didn't impress me in the
slightest.  (it's actually the third time i've seen him, and tonight will be
the fourth.)

a&e finally took the stage close to 9:30.  i was in the front row, almost
dead center, just a smidgen towards amy side.  (i have this real thing about
being in the front row, anywhere between the two of them.)

the walked on stage to a roaring, sold out crowd, strapped on the electric
guitars and tore through a rockin' version of "go."  i see somewhere in the
neighborhood of 50 concerts a year, and imo, they rock as hard as most anyone
in r&r.

next up was "trouble."  not a personal favorite.  i like emily rocking out,
but the song feels to me like a collection of unfinished ideas.  all in all,
though, it came off well.  

oh, before i go further...the band.
two thumbs up on new drummer, blair cunningham.  i was always a big fan of
jerry's and was very disappointed by john reynolds this summer.  he may be a
great guy and a creative force in the studio, but he didn't do it for me on
stage.  i can't understate the importance of a strong drummer to me, and
blair cuts it.

also two thumbs up on bassist claire kenney.  i always enjoyed sara lee, and
she was always very gracious, but i'm much more impressed with claire.  such
a strong rythm section on stage makes me *really* sorry that i missed those
ca shows!

carol isaacs on keys, accordian, pennywhistle (i think), and a variety of
other instruments was perfectly fine but not particularly notable to me.

and caroline xxx on cello didn't really capture my interest much at all
(although her cello was a very cool looking instrument).  one of the friends
i was with was rather negative in her review, but like i said, i tend to
focus on the basics (guitars, bass, drums, and vocals).

apologies to anyone whose name i may have mispelled.  i didn't check my cons
liner notes and there was no tour program for sale.  :-(

back to the show...

the band left the stage, leaving a&e alone with acoustic guitars.  much to
the crowd's delight, they played a duo acoustic "reunion."

the band came back for a pleasant but not particularly impressive "peace
tonight" followed by a full band, acoustic guitar fronted "chickenman."  (i'm
not fond of either song, so they have to be particularly exceptional to
impress me.)

next, they toned things done and did "andy," after which they thanked the
packed, standing room crowd for being so quiet and respectful.  very nice.

btw, the denver area has always been one of their strongest
markets/audiences.  kbco in boulder has been a supporter since the first
album, and they were selling 8000 red rocks tix when they were still playing
small theaters in many other places.  this is an audience that knows their ig
material, and it showed.  i think that's probably why denver was picked for
tonight's videotaping.

next up was "ozilene."  during the intro, amy told a cute little story about
having to get her grandma's permission for the song.  after reviewing the
finished product, grandma's response was, "great bass."  amy thought that
made her one cool grandma.  this song made some of the drunk women next to me
very happy.  

(the group who was first in line were absolutely delighful company outside,
but once they got inside, they were guzzling and spilling beer like there was
not tomorrow, screaming, and whistling.  twas a drag.  but if one of you is
reading this, i will make good on the offer i made in exchage for the
chilling on the whistles and screaming.  just email me.)

then came the highlight of the show for me, "least complicated."  almost the
entire crowd was singing along.  the energy was absolutely great.  i think we
gave that philly crowd on 1200 curfews a run for their money!

again, the duo acoustic setup (nobody else on stage) for an enthusiastic and
rousing "closer to fine."  it was nice to see this song addressed in a
different manner.  it worked very well here.  often times at r&r shows,
performers will have an audience sing certain lines or the chorus.  but with
such a vocal crowd, they had us sing the entire last verse.  (i dropped by
the bar...)  it was great.  only other time i've seen this is at bruce
springsteen concerts - another brilliant performer with a knowledgable,
fanatical following.)

"shed your skin" rocked, as it always does.  i love this one.  not the best
version i've seen, but a good one.  (last time in denver at mammoth, their
version of this one along with openers mrs. fun was absolutely phenomenal.)

next, everyone left the stage except for amy.  nobody around me believed me
when i said it would be "romeo and juliet," but sure enough...  it doesn't
quite pack the same punch it did back in '92 when amy sang it with such a
passionate edge, but it was still a real treat.  at first it was hard for her
to focus with everyone singing along, but she managed to slip into the groove.

"airplane" completely shifted the mood.  not a favorite, but it was sort of
charming.  a&e were the only ones playing instruments, but the whole band was
on stage lending vocal help.  good vibes.

"faye tucker" was the compelling piece that it always is.

"get out the map" was charming.  a friend i was with thought it was

finally, they closed with a rousing version of "shame on you."

they stepped off stage for a minute or so and then came back on with emily
acknowledging that encores are kind of silly.

a lovely version of "ghost," followed by amy talking about having the whole
day off in denver the next day.  she then said that what she really wanted to
know was the best thrift store in town.  someone behind me handed me a note
to give her with a suggestion.  she couldn't see me through the lights, so
after a minute of trying, i gave the note to a security guard who went
backstage to hand it off.  then someone gave me another one.  this time, amy
came across to the edge of the stage and tried to reach across the 4' barrier
to my outstretched hand.  after much prompting from the crowd, emily got her
to read it out loud.  apparently someone humbly offered to be a tour guide
for the day.  very cute little interlude.

then they played "gone again," my friend barry's favorite off the new one,
followed by "galileo," the happy sing along.

nothing out of the ordinary, but it was a very good show with a very good
crowd.  if i hadn't been doped up on my painkillers, i would've been even
happier than i was.  thank goodness for percoset and ice!

also, many thanks to everyone who helped me out, and especially to my friend
elizabeth who is holding my place in line so that i can take care of my body
for the first half of the day.

hope this has been a fun read for all.


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end of ig-news-digest v2 #212

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