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date: tue, 3 aug 1999 15:13:02 -0500
from: sheryl jones <>
subject: [ig-news] new on new album

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indigo girls release tracks on next album

aug 3, 1999, 9:00 am pt

indigo girls
the indigo girls have finished up the recording of their seventh studio album,
now tentatively titled come on now social -- a lyrical reference to an amy
ray-penned track that didn't make the album.

in addition to previously-mentioned guests on the album (kate shellenbach,
natacha atlas, me'shell ndegeocello [allstar, april 8]), sheryl crow and joan
osborne have contributed vocals on a few tracks as well -- making the album an
all-out lilith fair hootenanny. john reynolds (sinead o'connor) produced the
album, tentatively due sept. 21 on epic records.

the album includes the 10-minute epic "faye tucker," as well as a hidden track
entitled "philosophy of loss" that closes the album. the first single from the
record is still undecided at press time.

here is the track listing for come on now social:

2. "soon to be nothing"
3. "gone again"
4. "trouble"
5. "sister"
6. "peace tonight"
7. "ozilene"
8. "we are together"
9. "cold beer"
10. "compromise"
11. "andy"
12. "faye tucker"
13. "sister" (reprise)
14. "philosophy of loss" (hidden track)

- -- kevin raub

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