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  [ig-news] fs: indigo girls cds                       [cj <>]


date: mon, 19 jul 1999 11:07:14 +0200
from: cj <>
subject: [ig-news] fs: indigo girls cds


i am selling my indigo girls cds

i have:
cd complicated girls                    current bid: $12.00

cd nothing to hide                      

cd shades of indigo (orange cover)              current bid: $15.00

cd-single joking (1trk promo)          

cd levees that break in my heart - early recordings vol 2               current bid: $15.00

cd-single k's choice with rocking in the free world (live) with indigo girls

if you are interested send your offer to: or

fyi: 75 % of the money goes to the motherhood foundation (dutch
organisation. they help children in warzones)
so far i have made: $64.00. thanks.

happy greetings from holland,


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