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  [ig-news] final honor the earth information  [kristen mcelveen & greta goh]


date: wed, 30 jun 1999 14:12:39 -0700
from: kristen mcelveen & greta gohn <>
subject: [ig-news] final honor the earth information

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

howdy y'all,
first off, let me thank everyone who sent supportive emails regarding our
post to the list yesterday.  you are heard, recognized and appreciated.
this is a quick one:
as of tomorrow, this address will no longer be active.  any questions or
comments concerning the fundraiser should be sent to
from now on. since we won't have this email anymore, we will also no longer
be on the list, so don't be afraid to drop us a line and let us know what's
going on!
you all know we're leaving to go across country with lilith fair beginning
july 8th.  we'll be on the road until the 25th, and inquiries regarding the
fundraiser will be answered as soon as possible. we will definitely be able
to check our email on july 25th, the starting date of the fundraiser, but
as for the time we spend on the road with lilith, email availability will
be limited. don't forget to stop by the table at lilith and say hello!
if you would like to receive a literature fundraising packet, please send
us your name and snail mail address by july 7th, so that we're able to get
it to headquarters before we leave.
also, remember all donations for this fundraiser and emily's birthday (if
that's a possibility) should be sent to:
honor the earth fundraiser
c/o kristen mcelveen & greta gohn
621 house wren circle
palm harbor, fl   34683
all checks payable to honor the earth/the tides center
well, i guess that's it for now! don't forget our new email address, and
we'll be in touch when we get back from lilith!
~kristen & greta

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