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  [ig-news] honor the earth & lilith  [kristen mcelveen & greta gohn <sten27]


date: sat, 26 jun 1999 11:46:31 -0700
from: kristen mcelveen & greta gohn <>
subject: [ig-news] honor the earth & lilith

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girls mailing list at]

howdy y'all,
just a quick note to let everyone know that kristen and i will have an
honor the earth table set up on the following lilith fair dates:
7/14 san francisco
7/16 san diego
7/17 los angeles
7/20 austin
7/21 dallas
7/24 atlanta
stop by and say hi!  we'll have a number of items for sale by donation, and
will be keeping track of listees who would like monotary submissions to go
towards the upcoming fundraiser.  hope to see you there!
on the road again...
greta & kristen
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