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date: tue, 22 jun 1999 22:48:33 +0200
from: cj <>
subject: [ig-news] ig sale


i am going to sell my indigo girls collection. there is more to come. these
4 cds i want to sell in one sale, they are listed at ebay (
the auction starts at $ 25.00. besides losing interest in their music for
several reasons, one being that it is hard to keep feeling the music when
you never get the chance to see and hear them live, this is my chance do my
small bit of good and i will donate the money (minus my costs) to
motherhood. a dutch (yeah yeah i am dutch) foundation dedicated to help
children in warzones. we already do this with dahx (xena club), so i know
they do good work.

indigo girls - starter kit - limited edition (a 28551) cd
1. galileo
2. welcome me
3. least complicated
4. three hits
5. ghost
6. kid fears
7. closer to fine

indigo girls - watershed (esk 2284) cd single
1. watershed
2. watershed (live austin, texas 1990)
3. all along the watchtower (from live at the uptown lounge)

indigo girls - three hits (esk 4864) cd single
1. three hits
2. galileo
3. joking
4. ghost
5. jonas & ezikial

tracks 2 - 5 live tracks

indigo girls - galileo (epc 658040 2)
1. galileo
2. excerpts from the epic release rites of passage
a. ghost
b. joking
c. love will come to you
d. jonas & ezekial
3. kid fears

used, but in good condition.


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