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  [ig-news] indigo girls (and friends) t shirts/honor the earth  [carolyn <u]


date: sun, 20 jun 1999 12:54:08 -0700
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girls (and friends) t shirts/honor the earth

i have a number of indigo girls (and friends) t-shirts and sweatshirts i
have accumulated over the years, that i would now like to give away to
people willing to make a minimum donation to honor the earth. everything is
on the honor system, all i ask is that you  mail your donation directly to
honor the earth, and on the same day mail me stamps (stamps only, no money)
that i can use to send the shirt of your choice to you via priority mail
(usa $3.20 for t-shirts and $5 for sweatshirts). please remember that as
your donation is going directly to honor the earth, and the amounts listed
are the minimum to qualify for the shirts, you can always donate more to
this worthy cause. if you are not familiar with honor the earth, check out
their website at

for more information, including scans of the shirts, please go to this

thanks for checking out the shirts and for helping support a great cause.


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