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  [ig-news] honor the earth fundraisrer  [kristen mcelveen <sten27@olympus.n]


date: thu, 17 jun 1999 11:21:32 -0700
from: kristen mcelveen <>
subject: [ig-news] honor the earth fundraisrer

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  this is an update on the
hte fundraising project.  i don't know if this is of interest
to you folks - if you're interested in this, drop me a line and
let me know, otherwise i'll stop forwarding them.  ta...]

hey y'all,

just a quick note to let everyone know that neither kristen or i can be
reached at our old address any longer.  any questions concerning the
fundraiser should now be sent to me at  we're
slated to be on the road with lilith fair from july 9th-25th.  inquiries
that are mailed during that time will be answered as quickly as possible
once we reach our final destination.
if there's been any brainstorming going on out there, i want to strongly
encourage anyone who'd like to get a head start to okay regional
fundraising ideas through me, and then post to the list.  even though
we're not accepting most donations until a month from now, its never too
early to start organizing.
i'd also like to take this opportunity to make a big public shout out to
seattle listee ryan blackheart, who (a little prematurely, but we're not
complaining:)  has already donated $450 worth of her time, money &
merchandise, and has brought the pacific northwest into the lead by that
while i'm at it, everyone should know about the tireless amount of
support that amy, emily, russell carter management, and the folks out at
epic records have given us during the ongoing planning stages of this
drive.  megwich everyone.

raise hell.
- -greta

"as non-indians, we cannot sit by silently and watch the continued
destruction of native communities. this is more than just another
environmental cause. the basic issues of human rights, justice and our
own survival are ultimately at stake.
...that is why we are asking you to join with us and help us build the
honor the earth campaign by sharing your talent, skill, time and
resources.  the reward to you will be immeasurable.

  on behalf of the earth and her people,

                   amy and emily"

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