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date: mon, 7 jun 1999 11:37:37 -0700
from: stacy waterworth <>
subject: [ig-news] (long)amy in the morning--the broadcast

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  this is a transcript of a
recent interview with amy on seattle radio station kmtt "the

rebroadcast this morning (6/7/99)....enjoy:  (a=amy   m=mountain interviewer)

m: we'll play back our conversation with amy...the indigo girls have one of
those followings where, you put them on the air once and you get alot of
email from really all over the world with people going "are you going to
put that on the internet? we want to hear that"....the answer is yes...

        due to popular demand, let us reprise our conversation with, we
thought it
was going to be two indigo girls, but it's going to be just one...and
that's plenty, amy ray on the mountain.  how are you amy?
a:  i'm good.
m:  hey wait a minute, they told us two indigo girls and we only have one.
a:  (chuckle) the other one, ah, she was doing interviews and now she's
down, we're in the studio so she must be recording something.
m: what is more important!
a: (laugh) i don't know!
m: where are your priorities!  amy has her priorities straight...well tell
us what's going on, you're working on your next studio album.
a:  yah, we're in the middle of recording, we probably have about three
weeks to go and, ah, god we're in the middle of it and we're starting to
put together a band and get ready to go out and do lilith shows, and
m:  now did i read that you started working on this in england, is that right?
a:  yah, we started with um, we met a guy on last lilith named john
reynolds who was playing drums with sinead o'connor at the time. he invited
us over to london to record in his studio, so we hopped over there for a
few weeks.  actually ended up putting down alot of the stuff that we're
using on the record...the root of that is from his sessions. and then we
did some work with a few other people but we're back with him now in
atlanta finishing the record, so that's....
m:  now did i read that you were with a couple of the guys from the band,
rick danko (sp?), and garth hudson, now did that come to pass?
a:  yah, we did that, we went up to our other drummer jerry marotta's
studio and he's friends with these guys and we invited rick and garth in
and we did a couple of songs with them and it was great, it was 'keiser'
(laugh)i don't know, it's hard to explain, they just have a thing! you know?
m: yah, well here comes the dorky radio question now, is the new stuff a
big departure from ah....(the previous album)
a:  (laugh) i don't know yet cause we're not could go any way, i
mean honestly. there's... i wouldn't say it is a massive departure...i
don't know, this producer john, he's real different, than other people
we've worked with and his mixes have alot of depth, and stuff. so i think
it's going to be a different feel. and he's very into, ah, you know,
grooves...even when it's just acoustic, you know. so there's definately a
real rhythmic focus but um, we wrote, i wrote, i either wrote stuff that
was more in the appalachian (sp?) vain or in the sort of the punk vain, and
it sort of goes between the two. emily has written kind of some groovy
songs that are....her stuff is pretty 'up' on this record, like upbeat. so
we'll we'll see what happens.
m:   i'm always fascinated on the process of recording, and i sometimes
wonder how you know when your done?  how do you know "yes this cd is
finished." ??
a:  well, they usually have to drag me out and lock me in my house!
(laughs) and won't let me back in! i never want to stop. i mean that's
where it really comes in handy to have, you know for me and emily to have
been working together for so long, because she can tell me and i can tell
her and we listen to each other. you know, so we both have points where we
say "i think that song's finished" you know, and the other person either
agrees, it just gives you more opinions. but, i don't know, you just feel,
you could listen forever and in a year you probably are not going to feel
the same thing about your cd that you felt when you finished it.
m: yah, when you listen to it on the radio do you go "oh, man we should
have done that...!"
a: i mean, sometimes, and i don't listen to stuff after we finish it except
for just to make sure it's done, and then i'm done with it.
m:  except when your performing it....
a:  yah, but that's a completely different process you know?
m:  well, speaking of performing, we talked with one of your cohorts
recently and maybe you can name this big time rock star who talked about
you......(female voice)
        "it's true that when the indigo girls signed on that they
        really did get things going, that they kind of mingled every
        one together....including me.  you know they just come right
        into your dressing room, say 'hi and drag you out on stage
        with them..."
m: amy ray, who is that?
a: (laughs) it could have been anybody!! we dragged everyone out of their
dressing room!  who is it??
m:  that was suzanne vega.
a:  that was suzanne!!
m:  ya, ya, we asked her about the lilith fair and how cool it must have
been to be sitting at the deli spread with alot of other artists, and she
said "you know not everybody came out of their trailers and sat at the deli
spread until the indigo girls showed up and got everybody out together!"
a:  (laugh) well see you threw me, cause you called her a big rock star!!
m:  (laugh) i see...
a:  well, she's kind of more real than that i's true we're kind
of shameless in that way and i guess it's, alot of people probably get sick
of it, but we, we don't really have a good time unless we're dragging
people out and meeting people and stuff and it has nothing to do with
anything, except fun. i think some people are like, "oh, jesus, here they
come again." but you know, whatever!
m: you're like the social director of the lilith fair!
a: it's funny because, we're really not that social as people goes. i mean
its the music's just more fun to play with other people than it
is...we've been playing together for so long it's like, we want to do some
other stuff.
m: well, the lilith fair kicks off in july, (amy, "yah") and from what
sarah mclauchlan told us...she said she wanted to do three years and take a
break, so is that the deal?
a:  that's the deal, that's the deal and i think it's a wise move.
m:  yah, quit while you're on top...
a:  well, also i think it's energized alot of people to go out and pour in
ensembles with other women and then, you know, not feel the least bit
hesitant about doing that. and i think that will carry on, and i think
sarah's intent is for that to carry on. um, so i think she'll give it a
break, and give herself a break, i mean jesus it's like so much energy, and
ah, she has alot of integrity.
m: she's going to make a great pta mom i think...(amy laughs), well now
amy, you and emily will be doing a bunch of lilith dates and then when you
come here it'll be for bumbershoot festival on labor day weekend at
memorial stadium at seattle center. so will your album be done or out by then?
a:  it won't be out, but it'll be done.
m:  you'll be doing stuff from the new album
a:  yah, yah, and hopefully we'll have whatever band we're going to have
and we'll be doing all of our new stuff but we'll probobly play old stuff
too. we're not the kind of band that just goes out and does our new record.
we usually try to play the old material too, cause it's, i don't know, it's
more fun for us. so, it'll be a hodgepodge and ah, it'll be some electric
and we'll try to do some stuff by ourselves as well.
m:  well it'll be great to have you back and i don't think it's any secret
to you that people love you in this part of the country, so...
a:  we love playing in seattle!  we really do, and i was going to come to
bumbershoot anyway and hang out, so, i'm really excited that we're playing
because i had actually already made plans to come and see bands.
m:  do you wear a disguise in the audience like michael jackson or
a: (laughs) i don't think i need to!
m:  we're holding this lilith fair cd, ah, i think this would be volume
iii, that you guys are on. get out the map is on there right?
a:  ah, yah, yah, yah..
m:  now exactly where was get out the map recorded, the version on this cd?
do you remember?
a:  ah, this is a trick question.....
m:  i don't know the answer....
a:  i don't either.  because we picked them off of these tapes of
everything, and we didn't write down the place names on it, we just picked it.
m:  well wherever it was, it's good!
a:  well, cool.
m:  well, amy thanks for talking with us, say hi to emily (a: i will)
and we'll see you both when you come to seattle for bumbershoot labor day
a:  alright  you guys take care.
m: now get back to work!
a:  ok!! alright..bye.
- --------------------------------------
        that's it...the dj's are rather lame (imho). but good stuff from amy.
hope you enjoyed it.  stacy.

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