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  [ig-news] honor the earth fundraiser  [kristen mcelveen & greta gohn <sten]


date: sat, 5 jun 1999 11:43:06 -0700
from: kristen mcelveen & greta gohn <>
subject: [ig-news] honor the earth fundraiser

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hello again to everyone,

well, after about a month of intense brainstorming and collaboration with
all of our national contacts, we're ready to gear this honor the earth
fundraiser into action.  the list has been so interested and active in our
drives in the past that we've decided to make it a main port through which
to reach a majority of fans.

first:  a bit about the organization.   honor the earth is a national
foundation and advocacy organization that supports front line native
environmental work. our mission is to increase funding and public support
for native communities protecting the earth we all share. the group was
formed through collaboration between indigo girls, the indigenous
environmental network, the seventh generation fund & the indigenous
women's network.  honor the earth uses music, the media and the arts to
accomplish our mission. our concert tours (featuring the indigo girls) have
raised nearly half a million dollars and significant political resources for
native environmental groups, making us the largest indigenous fundraising
campaign in history.  this year, however, has been our first foray into
grant giving and campaign organizing without a tour to support our causes.
all in all, we've done well.  still, we find ourselves in a hard spot,
especially as we look at sustaining the organization while preparing for the
honor the earth tour 2000. we ask for your help.

in 1997, a group of 120 mailing list subscribers raised approximately
$2400.00 in honor of amy's birthday.  the money helped greatly to offset
honor the earth's tour expenses.   we hope to raise enough money with this
drive to do the same with the honor 2000 tour.  the money that you donate
will be put directly into ongoing honor the earth work and in particular,
tour 2000 planning.

of course we would want to reward the generosity of all involved.  with that
thought in mind, we have formatted the fundraiser in the form of a contest
between the states. we have divided the list into six geographic regions:
northeast, southeast, great lakes, great plains, northwest and southwest.
the region that raises the most money would, in essence, be the "winner".

~ the top ten donors of the winning region will receive an advance tour
itinerary for honor 2000 (as soon as the itinerary is finalized) listing yet
un-publicized venues & dates, as well as a commemorative hte 2000 tour
poster, signed by amy and emily.

~ the top three donators of the winning region will be given a pair of
golden circle tickets (preferred seating) to the indigo girls show of their
choice (this being a show on the ig tour beginning fall 99) and a signed
photo, as well as the above.

~the top overall donator will receive a $250 gift certificate to the
freemont hemp company (accessible over the web.& donated by the infamous
listee ryan blackhawk), two golden circle tickets to the indigo girls show
of their choice, a signed photo, a tour t-shirt and a newly released signed
cd.  amy and emily will each make a personal note to the winning donator on
the autographed items.

we don't want this fundraiser to be based solely on who has the most money
to donate. we are strongly encouraging folks who want to participate to
actually conduct organizing work in their communities in order to raise
money.  spread the word to your family, friends, and fellow ig fans.  all
contributions you raise will be counted directly in
your name & will go towards your region's final total.

**please check with us prior to engaging in a fundraising activity. call
1-800-earth-07 (1-800-327-8407) for hte authorization.

some examples of approved fundraising activities are:

? setting up literature and donation cans for honor the earth in your local
co-ops or other supportive community stores;
? organizing honor the earth tabling at community events;
? organizing your own benefit events (with local bands or speakers)
? making presentations and taking up collections in your churches, book
groups and schools
? holding an honor the earth raffle (i.e. for a cd player or other item).
? soliciting donations from local merchants and independent business owners,
and auctioning them off over the web (remember to check with us first!)

each person who wants to participate in the fundraiser will receive a
literature kit and information on how to purchase hte merchandise wholesale.
volunteer coordinators in each region will be available to help in any way.
throughout the drive, they will be posting statistics & encouragement to
keep you up to date on your regions placing.

specific regions & regional coordinators are:
northwest: washington, oregon, idaho, wyoming & alaska
ryan (

southwest: california, nevada, utah, colorado, arizona, new mexico & texas
larissa (

great plains: north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, kansas, minnesota, iowa,
missouri & oklahoma
kelly (

great lakes: wisconsin, illinois, michigan, indiana & ohio
shannon (

northeast: maine, new york, vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts,
connecticut, new jersey, maryland, virginia, west virginia, pennsylvania &
jackie (

southeast: arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, tennessee, kentucky,
north carolina, south carolina, georgia & texas.
java (

any other questions can be directed to me at

we plan to hold this fundraiser over a period of one month, beginning on
july 25 and ending august 25, 1999.  all donations must be post marked by
august 25th in order to be counted in their region's total. checks and money
orders are to be made out to honor the earth/the tides center. receipts will
be available for tax purposes for contributions over $100. donations may be
sent to:

honor the earth fundraiser
c/o kristen mcelveen & greta gohn
621 house wren circle
palm harbor, fl  34683

thanks so much for your help and support and we look forward to hearing from

greta gohn & kristen mcelveen

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