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  [ig-news] fw: ig/mm on dusty springfield tribute  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@fl]
  [ig-news] help wanted from cd-r capable people...  [neil <neily@netreach.n]


date: mon, 12 apr 1999 12:04:12 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: ig/mm on dusty springfield tribute

hey everyone,

this message comes via the disappear fear mailing list...


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date: fri, 9 apr 1999 10:43:59 edt
subject: (no subject)

hey, some of you mentioned that you already heard sonia do dusty's 'just
don't know what to do with myself"  well, i saw the tribute album was
recently written up in billboard magazine with sonia and gretchen phillips
pictured and quoted.  you go girls!  sounds like it is due for release in
late june of this year.   here's the article--of course, reprinted w/o

bpi entertainment news wire
march 15, 1999, monday

r&d plans dusty tribute
springfield homage includes indigo girls, others
by larry flick, billboard

     the durham, n.c.-rooted indie r&d records will be among the first
labels to issue a tribute to dusty springfield, who died march 3 after a
lengthy battle with breast cancer.
     the album, "forever dusty: an homage to an icon," is tentatively
slated for release june 22. it will boast an array of grass-roots rock and
acoustic-pop artists, including indigo girls, laura love, michelle malone,
gretchen phillips, kate pierson of the b-52's, marti jones, the butchies,
and sonia of disappear fear, among others.
     "going this route seemed far more interesting than jumping on the more
predictable pop-diva bandwagon," says rebekah radisch, executive producer
of the project and r&d president. "of course, i would be thrilled if
madonna called and asked to participate. but that's as far as i'm willing
to go."
     she adds that the acts invited to participate capture the "ultimate
essence of dusty--a woman who was fearless both in her music and in her
willingness to speak out on issues of politics and sexuality. in so many
ways, she was a grass-roots activist, not a mainstream pawn."
     in keeping with her left-of-center creative approach to "forever
dusty," radisch is not pursuing major distribution for the project. despite
several recent offers, she is opting to issue the set on a smaller scale,
in an effort to "keep the returns to a minimum." she adds that her
intention to donate a portion of the profits to several breast cancer
organizations around the u.s. adds to her desire to "maintain a tight rein"
on the flow of product into the marketplace.
     "i don't want anything falling through giant corporate cracks," she says.
     a distributor is yet to be confirmed, and there are no plans to issue
the project outside the u.s.
     radisch says she started conceptualizing the project roughly two years
ago. artists started laying down tracks last year.
     so far, malone has cut "the look of love," and phillips has recorded
"yesterday when i was young." love will contribute her rendition of
"son-of-a preacher man."
     "initially, it was a little intimidating in the studio," phillips
says. "to pay homage without falling short from the beautiful, effortless
way she had of singing was nerve-racking. in the end, i took her honesty as
a source of inspiration."
     for sonia of disappear fear, who covers "i just don't know what to do
with myself," participating in the project served as an introduction to
springfield's music.
     "ironically, dusty is just being born for me," she says. "her music
has been a revelation for me. it's like my life and my music have been
forever changed by this experience."
     in addition to "forever dusty," springfield will be feted by the
mercury/ chronicles' march 23 release of remastered classic recordings:
"stay awhile/i only want to be with you" (1964), "dusty" (1964),
"ooooooweeee!" (1965), "you don't have to say you love me" (1966), and "the
look of love" (1967). a three-cd boxed set anthology titled "dusty
springfield" was released by the label in november 1997, and the
compilation "the very best of dusty springfield" came out in april 1998.
     as for the international market, paul reidy, catalog product manager
for mercury u.k., says that those albums, which differed in some cases from
springfield's british releases, will not be reissued in her home country.
but a four-cd boxed set, which has long been in preparation, is likely to
be released "in september or october," both in the u.k. and
internationally. "we're planning it to be very lavish," says reidy, noting
that it will take a similar form to cream's "those were the days" set on
     describing the set as "everything you could possibly want on dusty,"
reidy says it will include her early material with the springfields, live
and unreleased items, and tracks from her later albums for parlophone,
columbia, and others. springfield's different u.s. label affiliations,
especially her association with atlantic, may mean that mercury will have
the set for the world excluding north america, he says. executive producer
of the project is mike gill, a longtime associate of the singer in the u.k.
     mercury u.k. will also continue its reissue program of springfield's
original albums for philips, which has already seen the reactivation of
such sets as "everything comes up dusty," "where am i going," and "dusty in
memphis." reidy says that such albums as "dusty . . . definitely," from
1968, and 1970's "from dusty with love" are being considered for 2000.

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date: fri, 9 apr 1999 21:59:02 -0400
from: neil <>
subject: [ig-news] help wanted from cd-r capable people...

[sherlyn's note: this message was orginally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

(apologies for da bandwidth, but what are ya gonna do?)


further to my pretty successful (sp? it's been a long day...) blue food
project, here's what i have planned...

and now is a good time to say that if anyone is waiting for a trade or a cd
from me and hasn't heard anything in a while, it would be wise to email me
'cause i got so many cds burnt and trades sorted i kinda got lost.

and now probably wouldn't be a good time to ask if anyone has thought of the
wood song (as discussed a week or three back) as an ode to an ageing porn
actor? so i won't.


i've just finished the audio side of a 3cd set of igs rarities. (i have to
work on the artwork still). and i need peeps who have cd burning capability
to volunteer to tree this - last time i only had a couple of offers (so it
wasn't really worth treeing) but i need at least six to make this possible
(there's no way i can do 3 cds for the same amount of people who wanted blue
food on my own...) many hands make light work and all. and hopefully the mp3
offer will have prempted this so there's less demand!

so here's what i got so far. let me know if you can help, or indeed, if i've
made any glaring errors/omissions:


neil :o)

attack of the killer b sides (or some similarly unwitty title)

a mostly complete, pretty much chronological collection of official indigo
girls' rarities 1989-1998 plus! all taken from original cds/vinyl (except
for the coffee promo tracks) and lovingly compiled into three cds purely for
convenience. initially found on promo releases, b-sides and various artist
projects. these compilations are not intended to replace the originals. it
is strongly recommended you search out the original albums as they're all
mighty fine (and some were put together for charity, mate!)
notable exceptions: the shed your skin remix 12" and various radio show
collections (i.e. world cafe). maybe next time. also full length promos
(reverse-1, shades...) 'cause they're stand-alone releases.

volume 1: 1989-1992

1. american tune (with simon and garfunkel) - live outfake.
2. land of canaan (remix) - from single release.
3. secure yourself - live may '89
4. kid fears - live 'may '89'
3-4 from land of canaan plus 5 live. track 4 also from 'theodore'
5. watershed (live - opera house, austin, tx: 8 nov '90) - from 'watershed'
promo single.
6. i'll give you my skin (with michael stipe) - from 'tame yourself'
7. tangled up in blue (with drag the river) - from 'the times they are a
changin' vol. 1'
8. uncle john's band (with show of hands) - from 'deadicated'
9. cedar tree
10. love will come to you (w/ diff. lyrics)
11. ghost (w/ modulation)
12. jonas + ezekiel
  9-12 from the 'coffee promo'
13. cortez the killer (with matthew sweet - live at san diego state: 28 aug
'92) - from 'goodfriend'
14. american tune (live at the newport folk festival '90) - from 'turn of
the decade'

bonus track
15. the girl with the weight of the world in her hands - eddi reader

volume 2: 1993-1995

1. galileo - live
2. joking - live
3. ghost - live
4. jonas + ezekiel - live
  1-4 from the 'three hits' promo cd
5. i don't wanna talk about it - from 'philadelphia'
6. wild, wild party at the loquat tree - from 'put on your green shoes'
7. power of two (edit)
8. touch me fall (edit)
9. mystery (acoustic)
10. dead man's hill (acoustic)
11. least complicated (acoustic)
12. reunion (acoustic)
13. the wood song (acoustic)
14. rockin' in the free world (with k's choice - live: symphony hall,
atlanta, ga - 19 dec '94)
  7-14 from various us/uk/australian cd singles
15. don't think twice, it's alright (with joan baez - live) - from 'ring
them bells'
16. touch me fall (live: shepherd's bush empire, london, uk - 21 or 22 nov
'94) - from 'outloud'

bonus track
17. fare thee well - david crosby (released in 1991!!)

volume 3: 1995-1998

1. it won't take long - from 'spirit of '73'
2. free of hope - from 'sweet relief ii - gravity of the situation'
3. blood quantum - from 'honor'
4. shame on you (radio edit) - from promo single
5. shed your skin (tom morello remix)
6. get out the map (live: montage mountain, scranton, pa - 13 aug '97)
7. shame on you (live: arlington theater, santa barbara, ca - 29 jan '98)
8. everything in its own time (live: apc studios for 99x's live show - 27
apr '97)
9. blister in the sun (w/ danielle howle & the tantrums - live: rimac arena,
la jolia, ca - 1 feb '98)
10. shed your skin (live: cantebury park, shakopee, mn - 20 aug, '97)
  5-10 from the 'shed your skin' blue promo e.p.
11. scooter boys (live '97)
12. water is wide (with jewel and sarah mclachlan - live '97)
  11-12 from 'lilith fair..."
13. letter to eve - from 'where have all the flowers gone'
14. ballad in plain d (emily saliers) - from 'the times they are a changin'
vol. 3'

bonus track
15. closer to fine - the wonder stuff

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #62

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