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  [ig-news] 8th ig mp3 offer                 [janet doe <>]
  [ig-news] sigc: cuban concert review  [sheryl jones & pamela hill <sljones]


date: wed, 31 mar 1999 07:54:42 -0800 (pst)
from: janet doe <>
subject: [ig-news] 8th ig mp3 offer

another fan has come forward with server space, and as
a result the following files are now available:

first time offerings:  general foods coffee house
sessions (radio program), in with the out crowd
(bootleg cd), cleveland (09/29/96).

files that have been offered before:  the white dot
(3/16/88), wrek (02/27/89), new york (06/28/94), lilith
fair (08/12/97), shades of indigo (promo cd), blood and
fire (bootleg cd), complicated girls (bootleg cd), the
ep and more (bootleg cd), levees that break in my heart
(bootleg cd), the devils in our bones (bootleg cd), and
a michelle malone outtake.

to the best of my knowledge, problems encountered with
other sites (missing and corrupted files) have been
corrected on this new site.

please email me to get the site address, you will
receive setlists for all the files at that time.  it
may be up to 24 hours from the time you email me to the
time you receive a response.  when you get the address,
please do not post it on the web, in email lists, or to
news groups.

if anyone out there is interested in starting a tree,
all of the files being offered on this server add up to
709mb, almost all of which would fit on a single cdr if
left in the mp3 format.  i do not have the ability to
burn a disc, but if someone else out there could it
would get the files in the hands of a lot more fans.


do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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date: wed, 31 mar 1999 13:27:27 -0600
from: sheryl jones & pamela hill <>
subject: [ig-news] sigc: cuban concert review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i don't recall seeing this posted to the list.  forgive me if it is a repeat:

los angeles times march 29, 1999, monday, home edition

u.s., cuban musicians jam in havana; concert: first performance in capital
in 40 years of singers from both nations draws 5,000.

alisa valdes-rodriguez, times staff writer

the cubans may have lost their baseball game against the baltimore orioles
on sunday afternoon, but it didn't matter much that night at the karl marx
theater, where american and cuban musicians were also brought together here
for the first time in 40 years--only in this case, they were all playing
for the same team, in concert.

as dozens of cubans milled about outside the theater, hoping to be allowed
in, 5,000 of their well-dressed compatriots attended the invitation-only
concert, which featured u.s. musicians such as bonnie raitt, the indigo
girls and montell jordan, and such cuban artists as jose maria vitier,
chucho valdes, isaac delgado and giraldo piloto. the concert was the final
showcase for songs co-written by cuban and american musicians as part of a
weeklong collaboration called "music bridges."

the exchange was the fifth such event organized by woodland hills
songwriter alan roy scott--a soft-spoken, gentle man who genuinely believes
music has the power to unite cultures and people. it marked the first time
in nearly 40 years that musicians from the ideologically opposed nations
separated by 90 miles of ocean have written songs together with the
blessings of both governments.

the first number, a group rendition of paul simon's "bridge over troubled
water," led by r&b singer brenda russell, was as sentimental as a middle
school slow dance, but the evening quickly perked up with the third song of
the night, "saint elixer," in which indigo girl amy ray's powerful vocal
purring was nicely matched with cuban singer luis de la cruz's more
ethereal sound.

though there were many big names from the rock world of decades past,
including mick fleetwood and jimmy buffett, the undisputed american stars
of the show sunday night were two relative newcomers, both of them hip-hop
artists: montell jordan and michael franti.

the crowd, sort of a who's-who of cuban power, was polite but seemingly
uninspired until the collaborations between jordan and the beach-blond
leader of the cuban dance group synthesis, carlos alfonso. "walking on
sunshine," a reggae-flavored love song, got the audience dancing.

but it was jordan's second offering, a ballad called "unlonely," that
proved him to be a thoughtful, gymnastic vocalist. performing only with
alfonso's piano as backing, jordan won the crowd over with his showmanship
and his heartfelt lyrics about seeing a sad-looking man on the streets of
cuba who "looks a lot like me."

but the most profound, insightful and daring of the night's lyrics were
those written by franti, a socially conscious rapper who heads the group
spearhead. his song, "can't stop the bus," was the result of franti's
unauthorized wanderings about the streets of havana in search of
inspiration, and the lyrics spoke of the frustration he saw in the eyes of
cuban citizens who are crammed onto buses, forbidden to enter fancy hotels
and beaches.

"you can't see it, but you can feel it," he started the song by rapping.
"it's coming, y'all." what followed was an incisive stream of consciousness
in which franti compared current cuba to an out-of-control bus, in which
the people will eventually "go home in disgust until tomorrow's bus comes.
. . . there's a new day coming in cuba, y'all, another bus is on the way,"
he sang.

as franti sang in english, communist party members danced to the beat,
seemingly unaware that franti was voicing political opposition to their

unfortunately, not all of the collaborations were as sharp and interesting.
"if you go," a two-chord vamp written by gary burr, don was and cesar
portillo, was lukewarm. "i wanna make love to the music," with mick
fleetwood as lead singer, was passe and tedious enough to set the crowd to
chatting. buffett, who annoyed musicians from both countries by arriving
late, demanding the presidential suite at the hotel nacional and missing
rehearsals, made a surprise appearance on the song, but his presence added

other scheduled performances included a collaboration between cuban artists
rey guerra and pablo menendez with raitt and actor-cum-musician woody
harrelson, and another between kiki corona, chucho valdes, lisa loeb and
gary bartz.

at the halfway point of the concert, nearly all of the songs had lyrics in
english, and there was very little of the traditional, and complex, cuban
rhythms to be heard. this probably was due to the superior training of the
cuban musicians--a fact noted in several jam sessions throughout the week.

nonetheless, all cuban and american musicians interviewed have said they
were very satisfied with their creative efforts of the past week. indeed,
watching the well-intentioned, if a little naive, hugs and smiles onstage,
it was hard not to be happy for everyone here.

according to cuban singer amaury perez, who helped organize the event,
"it's been a beautiful experience."

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