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  [ig-news] ig on dusty springfield tribute album  [carrie shafer <carebear@]


date: thu, 25 mar 1999 07:32:42 -0700
from: carrie shafer <>
subject: [ig-news] ig on dusty springfield tribute album

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last night my gf and i saw anna egge in concert (she plays acoustic
guitar), and she mentioned that she had recorded a track for a dusty
springfield tribute album (the song is called breakfast in bed, and she
played it for us) and that jane siberry, laura love, and ig would also
be recording tracks for the album.  after the concert we asked her about
it, and she said laura love (whom we also saw in concert - she plays
bass) was doing son of a preacher man, and that amy told her (at this
point i said, "you spoke to amy?  can i shake your hand again?") that
she and emily would probably be doing "needles and pins".


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