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  [ig-news] a 5th ig mp3 download opportunity  [janet doe <]
  [ig-news] suffragette sessions                          []


date: mon, 15 mar 1999 11:18:53 -0800 (pst)
from: janet doe <>
subject: [ig-news] a 5th ig mp3 download opportunity

thanks to a very generous list person, the following
files are now available:

radio city music hall, new york 6/28/94
(source - original boot cds)
(full show made by combining nothing to hide and days
of wine and roses)

fugitive, the wood song, world falls, virginia woolf,
dead man's hill, power of two, reunion, language or the
kiss, center stage, least complicated, this train
revised, ghost, chickenman, kid fears, galileo, touch
me fall, southern man (w/ kristen hall), closer to fine
(w/ big fish ensemble)

complicated girls
(source - original boot cd)

1.galileo, 2.reunion, 3.least complicated, 4.bury my
heart at wounded knee, 5.power of two, 6.tried to be
true, 7.midnight train to georgia, 8.closer to fine,
9.least complicated, 10.chickenman, 11.closer to fine,
12.the wood song, 13.dead man's hill, 14.galileo,
1-8 glastonbury festival, england, 25 june 1996
9-11 5 dec 1994, new york city
12-15 3 dec 1994, philadelphia

star lake amphitheater - burgettstown, pennsylvania
8/12/97 (lilith fair)
(source - high quality audience recording)

shed your skin, get out the map, tried to be true (w/
sheryl crow), power of two, shame on you, galileo,
chickenman, the water is wide (w/ jewel and sarah
mclachlan), closer to fine (w/group)

the ep and more - early recordings volume 1
(source - original boot cd) of canaan, 2.lifeblood, 3.history of us, 4.never
stop, 5.cold as ice, 6.finlandia, 7.falling star,
8.carry me away, 9.sweet gypsy, 10.i'll be there, are free, 12.holy city, of canaan,
14.lifeblood,  15.never stop, 16.cold as ice, 17.should
never have crossed my path
1-6 from indigo girls ep, lmm1 - 1986
7-11 amy ray solo - from color me gray
12-15 live - from unknown location(s)
16-17 radio versions: from session tape

levees that break in my heart - early recordings volume
(source - original boot cd)

1.high horse, 2.carolina in my mind, 3.come down in
time, 4.dancing shoes, 5.danny's song, 6.father and son
,'ve got a friend, 8.her town too, 9.a junkie's
lament, 10.back together again (leaving ain't fair),
11.long ago, far away,  12.a heart in new york, at pooh corner, 14.rock me on the water,'s too late, 16.tuesday's children, 17.wysteria,
18.three hits, 19.problem child
1 from original 'strange fire' lmm2 1987
2-17 from 'tuesday's children' 1981
18-19 amy ray solo, live at rainy day records, atlanta,

the devil's in our bones - early recordings volume 3
(source - original boot cd)

1.crazy game, 2.everybody's waiting (for someone to
come home), 3.don't give up on me baby, 4.walk away,
5.heartache central time, 6.emily's song, 7.beautiful
guitar, 8.instrumental #3, it again sam, 10.the
ballad of squaky fromme, 11.summertime, 12.white house
blues, 13.blood and fire,'s so strange, 15.up
in smoke, 16.nashville, 17.prince of darkness,
way to treat a friend
1,2 'crazy game' single jellis records1985
3,4 from 'don't eat out of dented cans'
5 amy and michelle malone recorded at haynes brook's
studio, 1986ish.
6-8 from theatre emory's production of "curse of the
starving class" 1986
9-12 variously live in 1987
13 from the original 'strange fire' album, 1987
14-18 from first epic sessions 1989

all files are 128kbps/44khz stereo and are made
directly from the source cd.  you will have a hard time
distinguishing the sound of the mp3 from the original

the fan who donated the server space would like to keep
the ftp address private, and asks that you to email me
if you would like to get the address. if you previously
emailed me for the address for the last set of
downloads (levees), and still have it handy, it is the
same now for all the files.  please do not post the
address on the web, in email lists, or to news groups.

also, please be considerate and if you are part of a
group that can easily share files, consider designating
one person to download the files and then share them
instead of each person individually trying to
download them from the server.

thank you,


do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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date: tue, 16 mar 1999 02:00:30 est
subject: [ig-news] suffragette sessions

[sherlyn's note: this an excerpt of a message which was originally
sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

hi gang-
first of all - i noticed today that the poster of the woman with the boot from
the suffragette sessions tour is on sale on e-bay, currently for ?$7.20
including shipping - i know many people missed out on getting this poster and
thought i'd let you know ..
(just search under "suffragette sessions" and you'll find it.)


thanks a bunch!

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #49

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