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date: fri, 26 feb 1999 11:28:23 est
subject: [ig-news] vonda shepard/emily duet release news

navarre signs exclusive deal with jacket records: first cd from vonda shepard
- -- musical alter-ego on fox tv's ally mcbeal

     los angeles--(business wire)--feb. 26, 1999--jim chiado, vp/gm of navarre
corporation's (nasdaq: navr) music products division, today announced that the
company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with jacket records,
featuring popular singer/songwriter vonda shepard. recognized as ally mcbeal's
television alter-ego, shepard wrote the series theme song, provides additional
songs for weekly episodes, and frequently appears on camera singing.

     chiado enthuses, "we're delighted that vonda has chosen to once again
distribute her records through navarre. we have watched vonda's career soar
and couldn't be happier to play a continued role in it."

     shepard's jacket records cd, by 7:30, will be released through navarre on
april 20th, with a list price of $16.98. the first single off the cd will be
baby don't you break my heart slow, a duet with emily saliers, from the
popular group the indigo girls.

     jacket records president gail gellman states, "needless to say, we are
very excited to release vonda's record and are thrilled to work with navarre
again. these are challenging times in the music industry and independent
releases need the support of a good distributor. navarre is the best."

     navarre corporation operates one of the first "business to business"
internet e-commerce web site and provides fulfillment for both
traditional and e-commerce retail sites. navarre corporation's major business
groups are: computer products division which publishes and distributes quality
consumer software to retailers nationwide; independent music distribution
which is the major distributor of independent music labels in the united
states and now canada; arm which distributes major label music to non-
traditional retail outlets; dvd home video distribution; and the majority-
owned subsidiary netradio network is the premier internet radio network
featuring over 100 channels of originally programmed audio content at (tm), and its online stores cdpoint
( (tm).

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date: sat, 27 feb 1999 11:13:16 -0800
from: kristen mcelveen <>
subject: [ig-news] honor the earth fundraiser

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i'm forwarding this here
as an fyi sort of thing...]

hey y'all...

i'm not a normal ig lister, but i've been asked to get in touch with the
group to relay a little scheme that we've been brainstorming over at hte.

as you all may know, the next honor tour is currently in the planning stages
for the year 2000.  this has been somewhat of an experimental year for us,
as we haven't had tour funds to depend on in the realms of grants and
keeping ourselves going as a free standing organization.  we've done well.
however, as next years tour dates grow closer, we find ourselves in
desperate need of funds to manifest our visions.  the tour itself will cost
over one hundred thousand dollars to bring to the stage, and we are not
financially prepared at this time to make such a large investment.  faye,
winona and the crew are working constantly with the issues, and don't have
the time for a large fundraising campaign.

here's where you come in.  i know that in the past years the list has
donated significant amounts of money to different organizations in amy or
emily's name, in celebration of their birthdays.  i also know (first hand)
that hte has already been one of the recipients of your incredible
generosity.  we ask for your help again.  i recognize that there may be some
indecision concerning a repetition, but i sincerely hope it can be
overlooked.  amy's birthday is april 12th.  if everyone agrees, we'd like to
get this going soon.  please email me with thoughts, comments & questions.
we thank you so much for your consideration.

take care,

greta gohn & the honor the earth staff

...if you're not familiar with the goals & purpose of honor the earth,
please feel free to get in touch with me.  i can send you some literature &
answer any questions you may have.

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #36

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