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ig-news-digest        sunday, february 28 1999        volume 02 : number 035

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  [ig-news] a third ig mp3 download opportunity  [janet doe <jdoe5555@yahoo.]


date: fri, 26 feb 1999 06:14:07 -0800 (pst)
from: janet doe <>
subject: [ig-news] a third ig mp3 download opportunity

even more good news!

another list member has donated server space so that following mp3s
can now be downloaded:

the ep and more: early recordings volume 1
(note:  files were created from an original bootleg cd)

1) land of canaan (4:20) 4,142kb
2) lifeblood (4:21) 4,140kb
3) history of us (5:19) 5,078kb
4) never stop (2:24) 2,333kb
5) cold as ice (4:03) 4,057kb
6) finlandia (2:34) 2,497kb
7) falling star (4:45) 4,514kb
8) carry me away (3:52) 3,694kb
9) sweet gypsy (3:48) 3,632kb
10) i'll be there (3:14) 3,103kb
11) you are free (3:49) 3,655kb
12) holy city (3:14) 3,107kb
13) land of canaan (4:10) 3,978kb
14) lifeblood (3:57) 3,766kb
15) never stop (2:28) 2,379kb
16) cold as ice (3:59) 3,871kb
17) should never have crossed my path (5:05) 6,392kb

1-6 from indigo girls ep, lmm1 - 1986
7-11 amy ray solo - from color me gray
12-15 live from unknown locations
16-17 radio versions from session tape
(note: song titles appear as listed on cd)

all files are 128kbps/44khz stereo and the quality is
excellent.  the fan who donated the server space would like to keep
the url private, and asks that you to email me if you would like to
get the address. please do not post the address on the web, in email
lists, or to news groups.  

also, please be considerate and if you are part of a group that can
easily share files, consider designating one person to download the
files and then share them instead of each person individually trying
to download them from the server. the files will be available on the
server for a week.

if you have any server space you would like to
share please email me so that we can make more shows available.

thank you,


do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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