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date: thu, 18 feb 1999 10:39:58 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girls go to cuba (fwd)

hey folks,

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- -sherlyn
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subject: re: indigo girls go to cuba
date: 16 feb 1999 04:53:32 gmt

u.s. musicians to work with cubans
by robert jablon
los angeles (ap) -- dozens of americans will travel to cuba next month on a
once-forbidden mission: to create music.

as many as 35 jazz, rock and country artists, ranging from jimmy buffett to
joan osborne and the indigo girls, will work for a week to compose new songs in
collaboration with cuban artists.

u.s. performers have toured cuba before, but under the 40-year-old u.s. trade
embargo they could not collaborate on new works, said attorney bill martinez,
who sought u.s. permission for the cultural exchange. the license was granted
last week.

''one of the sticking points was that, under the embargo ... you could not
create new works, new material here,'' he said in a telephone interview monday
from havana. ''this is historic.''

the project, dubbed ''music bridges ... over troubled waters,'' will culminate
with a free concert on march 28, planned for havana's 5,000-seat karl marx

the event follows a thaw between the two countries in recent years and the
clinton administration's january decision to ease some cultural exchange
restrictions of the embargo.

the event is the latest cultural effort by alan roy scott, a san fernando
valley songwriter and music producer whose nonprofit music bridges has
masterminded similar projects in the former soviet union, indonesia, romania
and ireland.

scott also was in havana monday, busily arranging the details and trying to
avoid the inevitable politics surrounding relations with the communist island

''i have no goal other than the fact that we're here, we do this, and the world
can judge for itself what it means,'' he said. ''i only know when songs get
written by people that are on the same wavelength, it transcends all those

music bridges is working with the cuban music institute to organize the event.
among the cuban artists scheduled to take part are chucho valdes, a jazz
pianist who heads the group irakere and members of the popular groups los van,
maraca and sierra maestra.

martinez said he had to assuage concerns from both governments. u.s. officials
wanted to make sure that the project wouldn't violate the embargo by giving the
cuban government a financial benefit, such as payments to the artists, while
''the cubans had to know that this is a legitimate exchange where they weren't
going to be exploited.''

none of the american or cuban performers will be paid, martinez said.

"the opportunity to be threatened, humiliated and to live in fear of being
beaten to death is the only 'special right' our culture bestows on
homosexuals." -d. carman,denver post,10/10/98  please ask your state reps to
pass the hate crime act of 1998

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date: tue, 16 feb 1999 21:35:19 est
subject: [ig-news] indigenous

[sherlyn's note this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

indigo girl amy ray heard indigenous and invited them to appear on her
compilation, honor the earth. with her help, they recorded their major-label
debut, things we do, which spawned the single "now that you're gone." they've
also released blues this morning, an ep that further showcases the talents of
this close-knit group. pte talked recently with about what it
was like starting out, meeting the indigo girls and the challenges of
recording your material the second time around.

nomads, indians, saints
"we got a chance to hang out with the indigo girls a lot and they were pretty
cool . . . our manager hooked us up on that cd [amy ray's honor the earth] and
he picked us to put a track on there, because amy ray said we could. so that's
how we got hooked up with that. i guess she liked us and we ended up opening
up for them in indianapolis. from there we did some more dates with the indigo
<a href=""> feature,
from 99 rock wplr</a>
<a href="">indigenous rocks</a>

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