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  [ig-news] ig mp3 download opportunity      [janet doe <>]
  [ig-news] "excerpts and quotes from the cultural war"  [deb <indigo@mindsp]


date: fri, 12 feb 1999 12:01:25 -0800 (pst)
from: janet doe <>
subject: [ig-news] ig mp3 download opportunity

good news!

a fellow list member has donated space so that mp3s of the following
show can be downloaded:

august 12, 1997
lilith fair
burgettstown, pa

shed your skin     (5.28mb)
get out the map    (3.77mb)
tried to be true   (2.95mb)
power of two       (4.82mb)
shame on you       (4.36mb)
galileo            (4.68mb)
chickenman         (8.39mb)
the water is wide  (4.36mb)
closer to fine     (5.11mb)

as you can see, the total show is pretty large (43.7mb), it is
128kbps/44khz stereo and i think the quality is really good.  

the fan who donated the server space would like to keep the ftp
address private, and asks that you to email me if you would like to
get the address. once you receive the address please do not post it on
the web, in email lists, or to news groups.  

also, please be considerate and if you are part of a group that can
easily share files, consider designating one person to download the
files and then share them instead of each person individually trying
to download them from the server. the files will be available on the
server for a week.

we are close to having another site up hopefully early next week with
some different files, if you have any server space you would like to
share please email me so that we can make more shows available.

thank you,


do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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date: fri, 12 feb 1999 10:39:53 -0500
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] "excerpts and quotes from the cultural war"

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

>5am -- february 11, 1999
>culture, et cetera
>excerpts and quotes from the cultural war of words in publications
>around the nation
>the washington times
>- - snip -
>popular choice
>"in these days of pro-abortion rallies, homosexual parades and
>clinton legal defense funds, we're constantly reminded that
>entertainment celebrities lend their support to our adversaries.
>we should have known that robert de niro of 'wag the dog' fame would
>be calling members of congress on the eve of the impeachment vote!
>"american life league recently published a study that includes a
>long list of pop stars who perform at pro-abortion rallies throughout
>the country.  the list is a veritable who's who of your children's
>and grandchildren's pop heroes:  sarah mclachlin, bush, jewel,
>ani difranco, mary-chapin carpenter, pearl jam, paula cole, carrie
>newcomer, keb 'mo, bonnie raitt, jackson browne, melissa etheridge,
>shawn colvin, bruce hornsby, l7, soul asylum, sound garden,
>salt-n-pepa, indigo girls, face to face, dance hall crashers and
>red hot chili peppers ...
>"[one of our] interns told me about an experience at a pearl jam
>concert in which eddie veder, lead singer, encouraged the audience
>to attend his pro-choice benefit show the next night.  when the crowd
>of 25,000 went wild, the intern realized once again how alone she, a
>teen-age pro-life college student, is in the present culture."
>- --deal hudson, writing on "the stars don't shine" in the february
>issue of crisis

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #27

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