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  [ig-news] excerpt from daemon records monthly mail  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@]
  [ig-news] tshirt sale                [saburah posner <>]


date: thu, 4 feb 1999 10:24:36 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] excerpt from daemon records monthly mail

hey folks,

following is an excerpt of the latest daemon records monthly

- -sherlyn
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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
   "if i am not who you thought i was,
    well hello, it's nice to meet you..."       - melissa ferrick

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date: wed, 3 feb 1999 16:18:36 -0600 (cst)
subject: daemon records monthly mail

what's up at daemon


***nea showcase***
for the third straight year we've been asked to do a daemon showcase
at the nea conference in nashville.  the daemon gang heads out on friday
the 12th for out usual haunt, douglas corner.  line-up:  3 finger cowboy,
belloluna, ph balance, 6x and danielle howle and the tantrums and
hosted by amy ray.  show starts around 8:30.  be there!

***atlanta women on the radio***
kdhx 88.1 in st. louis is broadcasting on the net a radio show featuring
atlanta artists.  head to on thursday feb 4th between
8:00pm - 10:00 pm central time.  here's a little message from the dj...

all these musicians have intense connections to atlanta.  they all support
one another.  this connection comes from the music made in atlanta.  and it's
all different!

>from jucifer, 3 finger cowboy to all of cooper seay's journey's.  to
all of michelle malone.  to lift.  danielle howle (what a hoot, that girl).
to wendy bucklew and her "kick ass" band.  which leads to dede vogt, a hell
of a producer!  she's very underrated.  indigo girl's, which thanks to their
success we now have more of a variery of great music coming from the
greater atlanta area.

these musicians make up the mecca fo atlanta music.  and it deserves to be

so st. louis is going to get a dose of the "women from atlanta!"\


***our thoughts***
atlanta has again lost another wonderful musician.  benjamin (smoke, the
opal foxx quartet, jcs) passed away last week.  we'll deeply miss him
and his art.

support your local music!
the staff at daemon
all email to:

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date: wed, 3 feb 1999 16:51:01 -0500
from: saburah posner <>
subject: [ig-news] tshirt sale

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

the two slightly worn tour shirts (rights of passage with the upside down
figure and the swamp ophelia one with the heron) that im selling can now be
yours for $13 including postage.
respond to:
subj: tshirt sale

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