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date: fri, 15 jan 1999 14:58:30 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] blurb from sonicnet

hey folks,

the blurb below is from sonicnet (

- -sherlyn
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[tues., january 12, 3:28 pm est ]

indigo girls working with sinead's band

the indigo girls, the folk-rock duo from georgia, are busy working
in england on several tracks for their yet-untitled new album with
the members of irish chanteuse sinead o'connor's backing band. the
arrangement, a publicist for the indigo girls said tuesday, came
about after discussions between them and o'connor during last
year's woman-centric lilith fair summer tour in the united states.
o'connor is not participating in the sessions, the publicist said,
adding that the album could be ready for a summer release.

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