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the dallas morning news

arts out there

by tom sime


amy ray is now a theater angel as well as half of the indigo girls. pam
myers-morgan of echo theatre company got a package to the singer after a
recent concert at the majestic theatre - "just like a groupie," according to
echo co-founder suzy blaylock. the envelope contained an introductory letter
and a copy of the script for the play ms. myers-morgan was planning to
direct, claire chaffee's drama why we have a body.

next came a postcard from ms. ray saying "how much she loved the play, and
that she'd love to help financially, and to let her know when and how," ms.
blaylock says. it was easy to answer those questions, and a generous check
arrived shortly. (they won't say how generous.)

at the company's weekly meeting at northpark's corner bakery, "we brought
the check in and gave it to pam, very ceremoniously," ms. blaylock says.
"and she stood up and screamed in the middle of northpark. she was shaking.
it was really kind of scary." the check was not only cashed, but copied and

no word yet on whether ms. ray will be able to attend the play, which opens
thursday at the bath house cultural center. "it all depends on her schedule.
i'm sure she'll let us know if she's coming. i doubt that she'll just show up."

either way, "it's a real coup for us. it's not necessarily going to bring
people in to see the play, but it does at least show that someone who's
respectable in an arts field believes in what we're doing." and the episode
proves that it never hurts to ask - as any real groupie could tell you.

part of what echo's doing is outreach to women, and in addition to
attracting a bit of female-friendly mass-media money, the company has
introduced an innovative new strategy: a theater workshop for kids ages 4 to
8 during matinees of body, which is for mature audiences.  saves
baby-sitting money, "and it's not just a baby sitter. it's an
opportunity for kids to learn something," says ms. blaylock.

the bath house cultural center is at 521 e. lawther, near white
rock lake.


the dallas morning news

hot ticket


"why we have a body' by echo theatre

with a little help from a friend, echo theatre continues its exploration of
plays by women with the area premiere of claire chafee's why we have a body.
plans to produce the award-winning drama caught the eye of amy ray of the
indigo girls, who became the play's "angel" by providing a hefty check. the
story is about women helping each other, too. lili (jo schellenberg) tries
to balance relationships with her lover, renee (linda marie ford), and her
emotionally disturbed sister, mary (kelly thomas), all the while haunted by
the absence of lili and mary's estranged mother, eleanor (linda comess).

tom sime opens thursday at 8 p.m. and plays wednesdays through saturdays at
8 p.m. through jan. 30 at the bath house cultural center, 521 e. lawther.
each show is preceded by a reading of patricia montley's short play juice at
7:45 p.m. saturday matinees are jan. 23 and 30 at 2 p.m. for mature
audiences. $10 to $15, with pay-what-you-can admission on wednesdays.

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