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date: wed, 6 jan 1999 10:44:33 -0800
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subject: [ig-news] drummer girl article on kate schellenbach

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hey folks,

have you seen this?  it's an article on kate (with nice pics too), but
there is some igc here too.

kate for a day
by kristina feliciano

she was the original drummer for the beastie boys and has commanded
the kit for luscious jackson from the band's beginning. but don't
expect kate schellenbach to take success for granted. world tours, gap
ads, and soundtracks aside, she's amazed by what an amazing year she's
had: playing drums for blondie (at debbie harry's request), taking
part in the suffragette sessions tour (at indigo girl amy ray's
request)...meanwhile, luscious are working on their fourth album, due
out in may 1999. on a brisk november day, she stepped outside the
whirlwind and into a cozy diner to talk to drummergirl. our
conclusion? it's great to be kate.


the year in review, part 1: the suffragette sessions tour

this year, actually, i've done a lot of great projects ... it's been a
dream come true for me, musically. i don't know what that means.
(laughs) i guess i have to come up with new dreams. [the lilith fair]
was just great because everyone was really open and everyone had their
dressing room doors open ... it was like summer camp or something ... i
ended up hanging out and talking to amy [ray of the indigo girls].
they were about to start up touring again, i guess, ... she was...talking
about [if luscious jackson wanted to tour with them] ... we had just
had this kind of tortuous tour, and we were over it. and she was like,
"don't you play in your time off? we were, like, burnt out at that
point ... and the more i talked to amy the more i felt like, god,
they're really in this ... she's like, "we play all the time when we're
off." and ... i started feeling really lame. so something about the
conversation made me think, well, you know what? i should really
examine my attitude ... and a month or two later amy called me and said,
"we're putting together this tour. we don't want to do a typical club
tour. we want to put together a bunch of female musicians playing each
other's stuff." originally, it was going to be called the rolling
thunder pussy tour. it's based on this bob dylan tour called the
rolling thunder review ... she was like, "we think you would be a
really good drummer, we'd really like you to do it" ... i was like,
"okay, here's my opportunity to like get back [into playing]." ... and
the more people that came aboard the more and more excited i got about
it. ... i felt like it was a good way to be challenged musically,
because if you play the same songs every day, ... your level of playing
gets lower and lower ... there were ten musicians on the tour. everyone
picks like three or four songs to learn. we each have tapes of these
songs. we have three days to rehearse them. it was insane, it was
great ... it was one of the funnest things i did. that, and we got to
play lilith fair.

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( that a word?)

here's to amy asking lj to tour with them again this summer and making
a stop in hawaii!

lori ann

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