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subject: [ig-news] eddie's attic shows

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hey all.  hope your holidays are going fine.

last night's writer's night shows were great.  both were better than the
ones back in november, especially the second show.  both shows sold out
but the demand for shawn mullins the night before was apparently much
greater (200 people lined up outside who couldn't get in).

this time it was only three performers (amy, danielle howle and michelle
malone) instead of two, so we got more songs out of each one: 6 rounds
each in the first show, and maybe 6 each in the second show, but they
broke form at one point (see below).

i didn't specific write down all the songs that michelle and danielle
did (maybe somebody else can help out with that).  michelle did almost
all new stuff.  one song called "avalon" she did in both shows.  it
seemed to be about watching tv and how she missed an old tv show (soap
opera?) called "avalon".  she did one about her old apartment which was
pretty good.  i generally liked her song selection better in the second
show than in the first show.

danielle was her usual funny, quirky self.  she was talking about her
christmas and how she has these relatives that she only sees once a year
and she'll tell them about something new she's thinking about doing
(turning a barn into a guest house, starting up bee-keeping) and they'll
say, "that sounds good.  i think i'll do that, too" and she'd get mad
that they were just copying her and couldn't think of things on their
own.  then she did some christmas song that was funny enough but
basically seemed to be slamming people who hardly get to see her and
were only trying to come up with ways to spend time with her.

the difference between these three artists was very apparent.  all three
have excellent voices and michelle's a great guitarist.  but it's the
lyrics that separate them.  michelle's songs were kind of about mundane
topics and generic love/relationship issues.  danielle's songs are all
funny -- she even did a song that had the line "everything i do is to
make you laugh" -- and even if the lyrics aren't specifically funny, her
delivery is (the way she pauses and her use of rhythm).  neither
danielle or michelle write in a style that does justice to their voices,
though.  i always want to hear danielle do a whole show of country
covers just to showcase how full her voice is.  meanwhile, amy's songs
are about death row inmates, radiation sickness, sexual identity, etc.
she's in another class from them as far as her subject matter, and her
songs and delivery are simple enough to display her voice really well

so in the first show, amy did these songs:

gone again
faye tucker - sounded great.  i'd only heard this live once, back at
music midtown.  it was much better in this intimate setting.
oh, osalyn (sp?) - i really like this one a lot.  it's maybe the most
purely "folk" song she's written.
little darling - outstanding
sister - still the best of the new stuff in my book.  i just love the
slow descend into the chorus.

for the second (21 & over) show, the crowd was quite a bit noisier
during the whole set.  the first crowd was wonderfully quiet throughout,
which helped the delivery of the songs.  for the second show, there was
lots of talking (especially whenever danielle was up) which was the only
the downside.  michelle did one song in particular that was excellent
but i can't remember the title.  danielle went into this riff about
eating slim jims which was funny enough but she wouldn't let go of it
until she made her point (which i forget).

amy's songs for the second set were:

gone again
the boys just laugh - i could've sworn that ... oh, never mind.
oh, osalyn - michelle did a very nice bottom guitar part on this one
that i hope makes it onto the recorded version.
go - amy improvised a new ending with it.  (speaking of improvising
endings, whatever happened to chris mcguire?  i sure do miss being able
to see her perform.)
?me and my baby? - this was a new song i've never heard or heard tell
of.  it was a very tender description of living with somebody ("i watch
you comb your hair in the mirror").  it was one of those personal songs
that amy sings real slow and quiet.  it got to her so much that she
stopped in the middle of it and said, "i can't get through that."  i've
never seen her do that before.  it was pretty stunning.  she switched
and said "let's do a breakup song instead" and went into:
moment of forgiveness
at this point, they broke the round robin format.  i think stopping in
the middle of that song threw amy.  she said, "let's just make up a
song" and she went into a song that clearly wasn't made up on the spot
but was maybe unfnished:
?i've been sleeping on the mountain top/have you been lonely? - i'd
never heard this one, either.  it was very upbeat and sounded pretty
good, actually.  it's part of this new pure folky style she's developing
(gone again, oh osalyn, and even parts of go).  she's got the older
"pure amy" murky style still (sister, the boys just laugh, the older
bits of go).  the new style may be associated with stuff she writes on
the mandolin.
at this point, there was a wonderful surprise special guest: kristen
hall.  i wasn't ever all that much of a fan of hers when she was around
all the time, but now that she's moved away to los angeles, it was
really quite a treat to see her perform.  she led them (all together)
let it rain and then kristen and michelle did a great version of:
?head in the clouds/long way down? - (sorry, i don't know the names of
her songs.)  then kristen went back into the audience and they did
another round of songs.  amy did:
and they all (with kristen back up on stage and leading them) closed
southern man

really an outstanding night of music, especially with the energy in the
room when kristen came on stage.

i hung around and spoke to amy briefly.  i asked her, with all the new
material (she did 10 different post-shaming songs on the night), when
they'd be recording again.  she actually gave me a specific answer, but
i wasn't paying attention.  (i was too busy trying to remember how to
breathe.  i've spoken to her lots of times over the years but it's been
a while and i'm still quite nervous in her presence.)  she did say that
both she _and_emily_ had lots of new songs (so there goes our "writer's
block" interpretation of "soon be to nothing"), so much so that they
might have to do a double album.

great night.



p.s.  oh, yeah.  the "have-a-heart" benefit for uncle mark reynolds is
the weekend of february 5-7.
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