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  [ig-news] schoolkids records auction  [carol petricevic <chickenwomyn@hotm]
  [ig-news] article on watershed restaurant               []
  [ig-news] accessatlanta article           [sherlyn koo <>]


date: tue, 15 dec 1998 16:14:57 est
from: carol petricevic <>
subject: [ig-news] schoolkids records auction

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

well, there is gonna be a schoolkids record's old memorabilia auction
for the ark & there's some ig stuff.  they have 2 albums for auction:
n*i*s & ig.  both signed by them.  also  there is a signed sots poster &
a signed in-store signing announcement.  if ya wanna come up to ann
arbor for this stuff at the auction, do it!!  there's other cool stuff



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date: tue, 15 dec 1998 21:04:04 est
subject: [ig-news] article on watershed restaurant

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i will forward the article
itself on in a minute...]

go to this site:

happy reading!


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date: wed, 16 dec 1998 13:55:11 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] accessatlanta article

hi folks,

here's the article that dee mentioned - the url again is:

- -sherlyn

emily's place

by bo emerson, the atlanta journal-constitution

you start out as just a decatur girl with a guitar, playing for
free at a local pub. you work hard, write songs and rise to
become an international star. your records go multi-platinum,
and your concerts sell out.

then you can do what you really want to do.

if you're emily saliers, what you really want to do is sweep
floors and bus tables.

it's an unusual career arc. saliers, 35, the redhaired half of
the uber-folkie duo indigo girls, usually seen onstage in front
of the waving hands of thousands, has worked her way down to
wiping off counter tops and serving up sandwiches. when her new
fans wave, they want refills.

customers coming into her restaurant, watershed, once a gas
station, now a pale-green boutique/eatery on the edge of downtown
decatur, usually know that saliers is one of the co-owners. yet
they are invariably surprised that this star, who takes her own
caterer with her on concert tours, is cleaning up their dirty

"is she still here?" asks technical writer catherine mesa, 34,
stopping in for a grilled eggplant sandwich. "i keep thinking that
she's going to be gone, and she's still here."

having saliers pick up after them is, for some customers, a
disorienting experience. "my neighbor was really freaked out by
it," says mesa.

others get a huge kick out of meeting saliers and are put at ease
by her matter-of-fact manner.

landscape designer sylvia elwyn, 46, is sharing lunch with mesa
(including pumpkin soup, grilled eggplant and a slice of cranberry
pear buttercake). she gets saliers to autograph a watershed-logo
baseball cap for her 16-year-old daughter, allison. sylvia and
allison were in one recent night, and allison, a major follower of
the indigos, found herself chatting with an idol. "it made her
night," says sylvia. "allison was in awe."

the truth is, saliers and her three nonfamous co-owners didn't
open watershed because they love menial labor. but restaurants and
scut work go hand in hand.

"we didn't foresee the amount of work, the amount of time and the
amount of money that would go into it," says saliers, nibbling a
wild mushroom torte during a break. "but if there's something that
needs to be done, then you just stop everything and do it."

"there's been some gawking," jokes co-owner susan owens. "but it
hasn't been overwhelming."

even chef scott peacock, formerly of horseradish grill schleps the
occasional dish out, especially if the customer is his mentor, edna
lewis. (lewis, southern cuisine diva, stops in one sunny afternoon
for a glass of wine and says the place is "fantastic." peacock
quips, "your check will be in the mail.")

saliers' main responsibility is keeping the wine bar stocked and
choosing the inventory for the small wine shop in the back of the

she has experience in the food business, not all of it positive. as
a 16-year-old waitress at the glass oven, a chain restaurant in
northlake mall, she was known for spilling food on customers. "i knew
i wasn't cut out for that line of work," she says.

luckily for her, watershed doesn't offer table service, so any such
food accidents are the customers' responsibility.

saliers says her dose of hands-on labor has had a mysterious positive
effect on her music. "though i have less time to write, i've got more
songs coming out than i have had in years," she says.

indigo girls go into the studio in february and will probably be
touring again next summer, says saliers. but right now she's enjoying
staying in one spot.

"it's all been a joyful experience for all of us," she says. "i'm not
tired of it. i like it here; it's a nice place to hang out."

it's also a nice way to get together with her decatur-based family.
and here they come: parents don and jane saliers and sister jennie
saliers (visiting from baltimore), all stopping in for a bite this
same afternoon. says the rev. don, a theology professor at emory
university, "i've seen her more in here than i have in months."

emily gives her parents a big hello, but reserves most of her
attention for 6-month-old nephew bryson levisay, who gets danced
around the room, and fed a custom-concocted lunch. "this is organic
puree of gruel," says emily.

bryson doesn't have much to say, but judging from his gummy smile,
this customer is going to leave a big tip.

"it's all been a joyful experience for all of us. i'm not tired of
it. i like it here; it's a nice place to hang out."

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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
"and the best ones were the ones i got to keep as i grew strong,
  and the days that opened up, until my whole life could belong..."
                                - dar williams, "the blessings"

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