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  [ig-news] xmas present idea  [lori and gavin macleod <macleods@spectranet.]


date: sun, 29 nov 1998 22:15:11 -0500
from: lori and gavin macleod <>
subject: [ig-news] xmas present idea

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey everyone
i have an item that might be a great present for an ig fan (or yourself!).
it is a handbill from the indigo girls march 24 1997 michigan theater show
in ann arbor.  i think it is hand printed, with 4 colors (black, teal blue,
lighter teal blue and light green) and measures 8.5x4 inches and has a blue
and green 1920's woman with the words indigo girls and the show info.  it is
really beautiful.  you may have seen the same one on ebay.  i purchased this
there with a bigger version (poster) hand signed by the artist.  but alas, i
don't really need the handbill too with the poster, so i thought i'd sell it
email me if interested in this chance to get a great  piece of artwork!

{gav/lor icq#8264425}

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