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date: sat, 28 nov 1998 12:08:02 -0800
from: pretty silver grrrl <>
subject: [ig-news] igc: va cd

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

sorry if this has already been mentioned..but someone sent some stuff
about this cd to the chantal list.

this is mix music: class of 98-5 is a compilation of songs recorded
here at the mix 98-5 studios, plus other rare tracks and a few

the tracks are:
barenaked ladies-old apartment
eagle eye cherry-save tonight
indigo girls-shame on you
fastball-the way
chantal kreviazuk-surrounded
lisa loeb-i do
hootie & the blowfish-sad caper
sister hazel-all for you
bruce hornsby-great divide
mellissa ethridge-come to my window
sarah mclachlan-drawn to the rhythm
counting crows-round here

looks like a cool cd!


"if you buy into the fame trip, then you've really lost sight of why you're
making music.  fame has just got to be a sideline.  it goes with the
territory, and once you understand that it's a bit like mosquitos..."
- -tori amos:all these years book

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