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ig-news-digest        monday, november 23 1998        volume 01 : number 220

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] lifeblood site url change      [carolyn <>]
  [ig-news] guitar transcriptions              [donrich <>]


date: sat, 21 nov 1998 15:04:17 -0800
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] lifeblood site url change

just wanted to let everyone know that the url for the lifeblood site has
changed to:

if you have never visited the site, or have not visited it lately,  it has a
lot of indigo girls information including over 2500 articles (some dating
back as far as 1980), over 500 setlists (some dating back as far as 1981),
lyrics to over 150 songs, and detailed information on over 130 releases.

the site is still a work in progress and i have a lot of stuff left to add,
the new location will allow room for it to continue to grow and also will
allow a search engine to be installed (as soon as i figure out how to create
one :  )  ).

my email address will remain the same.



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date: sat, 21 nov 1998 11:43:41 -0500
from: donrich <>
subject: [ig-news] guitar transcriptions

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi y'all,
  got this from the rieks sodenkamp musicbizz mailing list.
under the heading:

guitar recorded versions (authentic transcriptions with notes and

amongst the hendrix and mark knopfler i found:

lilith fair:  a celebration of women in music.  this amazing matching
folio showcases artists associated with this phenomenally successful
tour.  includes 22 songs: been it (the cardigans) | building a
mystery (sarah mclachlan) | eternal flame (susanna hoffs) | falling
in love (lisa loeb) | going back to harlan (emmylou harris) | ladder
(joan osborne) | mississippi (paula cole) | the one (tracy bonham) |
periwinkle sky (victoria williams) | scooter boys (indigo girls) |
trouble (shawn colvin) | wash my hands (meredith brooks) | more.
includes an introduction by lilith fair conceiver sarah mclachlan.
00690318 fl. 57.85

for more info, contact

rieks sodenkamp
postbus 10 nl-6200 aa maastricht
tel : 00 (31) 43 3213411
fax : 00 (31) 43 3500217
email :

a rsb company

  i've never dealt with them but got on their mailing list last year
when i was trying to run down a copy of the strange fire songbook.

also, from ladyslipper:

lilith fair songbook
in spite of some of the continually-repeated mis-information stated by
ms. mcl. in the intro (such as "the summer festivals out there were
completely male dominated"... but don't get me started), this songbook,
with piano/vocal/guitar parts, offers a nice composite of songs -- 22
altogether, from the repertoires of sarah, dar williams, indigos, shawn
colvin and more.

         hld6248sb - lilith fair songbook                19.98
- --

                        -- indigohio '98 :)

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