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  [ig-news] watershed mention (and es photo) in 'atlanta' magazine  [nancy h]
  [ig-news] nov. 17 show review                  [sb <>]


date: thu, 19 nov 1998 14:22:23 -0500
from: nancy humphries <>
subject: [ig-news] watershed mention (and es photo) in 'atlanta' magazine

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

in the december '98 issue of "atlanta" magazine (page 189) there is a
sidebar in the dining section about watershed, and a nice photo of emily
with the chef who designed their lunch menu.

(reprinted without permission) - beyond the burners
by ainsley waken

        with the opening of watershed, a gourmet food and wine shop.
emily saliers - one half of the internationally acclaimed folk rock duo
the indigo girls - is venturing into a new creative realm. for years
saliers has passionately committed herself to her music. now whe looks to
devote at least some of that passion to what she calls her "love of good
food, wine and flowers." watershed boasts a lunch menu of gourment
sandwiches designed by anne quatrano of bacchanalia and floataway cafe, and
the shop carries a vast array of reasonably priced wines, exotic flowers
and gifts. saliers and her three business partners are also organizing
wine tastings and classes at the shop., which they have envisioned as
something of an "upscale market." a decatur native, she's excited by the
chance to put down deeper roots in the community. to quote one of her own
lyrics, "i'm one of them, and i'm among friends."

watershed is located at 406 w. ponce de leon ave., decatur, (404)378-4900.

nancy humphries

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date: thu, 19 nov 1998 16:32:12 -0500
from: sb <>
subject: [ig-news] nov. 17 show review

[sherlyn's note; this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

okay, i know i'm not the greatest at giving concert reviews, but i'm
gonna give it a try.

this was the show at the elbow room (a very small bar) in columbia, sc.
amy ray, danielle howle, rose polenzani, and beth wood.  there was a
show at 7:30 and one at 10.  my girlfriend and i, of course, went to
both.  =)
instead of playing one at a time, all four of the women came out and sat
on bar stools and they took turns playing a song.  danielle played the
first one, then amy, then beth, then rose.  and started over again.

okay, now onto the important what amy was wearing!  haha.
i was quite impressed actually that she didn't have on one of her
typical polyester shirts or something.  instead, she had on a black
t-shirt and black jeans.  oh, and black combat boots...

now to the even more important what amy sang!  to begin
with, none of the songs she sang are on an album.  i don't know the
names of all the songs she sang because i had only heard two of them
before:  gone again and go go go.  she also sang a song that she wrote
for her grandmother she said (which had a killer ending) and one i think
may have been entitiled sister.  she also had one that was very
country-ish and one that was kind of sad in which the chorus was "i can
get the girls, but the boys just laugh."  i'm sure i'm probably getting
them all mixed up since i don't know the names of them and since i went
to both shows and she played some of the same ones at both shows and
some different ones at each too.  i just know that there was one song in
particular that just gave me chills.  it was a kind of dark and loud
song.  and, of course, i don't know the name of it either.   hopefully
she will play them at future concerts so that everyone can hear them and
maybe tell me what the names of them are....=)

at any rate, this concert was great and i really hope she puts these new
songs on the next album.  not to leave out the other women in the
show....they were really great too.  i had heard danielle quite a few
times before but i'd never heard beth or rose.  they are both extremely
talented.  beth is incredible on the guitar.  i could even see amy
looking over at her and watching her hands a lot of the time when beth
was playing.

well, this is getting long, so i'll wrap it up.  if anyone booted this
concert, please let me know.  although there seemed to be so much
talking at the second one that the boot probably wouldn't have turned
out too good.  by the way, during the second show when it was danielle's
turn to do a song, amy said to her "danielle tell us a story."  and
danielle said "i'll tell a story about people who come to a show to
talk!"  but, of course, even that didn't make people be quiet.  also,
the best line from amy that night was when beth mentioned that she had
gone to dent middle school in columbia, sc.  amy said something like
"yeah and we love irmo too!"  and then she jokingly said "actually, i've
made my peace with irmo.  after the show, i went running all through
irmo in a lightning storm.......nude."    hehe.  that was the best.  i
went to irmo high school so i just had to throw that in.  =)
well, thanks for anyone who actually read my entire review!  hey, at
least i tried.....=)

take care and happy indigoing,

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