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  [ig-news] nigc-holiday card time again!  [shelley miller <strange_fire66@h]


date: tue, 10 nov 1998 14:40:00 pst
from: shelley miller <>
subject: [ig-news] nigc-holiday card time again!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  it's not news but some of
you might be interested in taking part, as part of the wider
online ig-fan community...]

peeps and punkins:

its that time of year again!  singing christmas trees in every
walgreens, blatant commercialism on tv, impending snow and ice doom,
dark and gloomy nights, and the indigo-list holiday card exchange. ask
anyone who took part in this last year...lotsa fun.  and for the mere
price of a few poetry stamps, you get to come home to mail goodies every
day for a couple of weeks.

here's how it works:
i'll be collecting a list of names and snail-addy's from those
interested in participating, from now until november 20th.  when i get
all the interested parties, i'll divide y'all into groups of about
twenty, and send each group member the names/addy's of others in her/his
group.  group members then send holiday cards (or birthday cards, or ig
postcards, or whatever else floats their boat) to all other happily
awaiting group members...some people last year got really creative,
designing their own ig holiday cards and everything!

you can define holiday however you like; christmas, solstice, haunakah
(i know i erfed the spelling), kwanza, your gerbil's first birthday, the
end of the semester...its a great way to say hi to other listees (and a
great excuse for putting off that last minute studying).  this holiday
card exchange is 100% organic, farmer approved, and has never been
tested on animals.

if you would like to participate, please send me an e-mail before
november 20th.  if possible, put something about holiday card exchange
in the header (or just reply to this message).

take care,y'all,

get your private, free email at

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