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  [ig-news] (fwd) fs: indigo girls - mini poster/banner  [sherlyn koo <sherl]


date: wed, 4 nov 1998 12:16:30 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] (fwd) fs: indigo girls - mini poster/banner

hi folks,

this was posted to the newsgroup... please direct all enquiries
to the original sender at  i have no
affiliation, this is just fyi, etc etc etc...

- -sherlyn
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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
"we're born to shimmer, we're born to shine, we're born to radiate.
we're born to live, we're born to love, we're born to never hate..."
                                        - shawn mullins

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from: (robert blanck)
subject: fs: indigo girls - mini poster/banner
date: 3 nov 1998 13:20:05 gmt

                indigo girls items - for sale

1/ promotional mini-poster
- 12"h x 24"w (rolled)
- almost more of a mini-banner really.
   heavy, white glossy paper, with blue lettering
   (indigo blue...naturally!).
   reads "indigo girls", printed diagonally, all
   in lower case letter. bottom right corner reads:
   "cbs the music people".
- if memory serves, i believe these were part of
   the promotion for their first, self-titled lp.
- i only have a few of these, all in great shape,
   never used.
- price for each one is $12.00(u.s.), includes
   postage to u.s. or canada. overseas air mail is

2/ also available: very nice indigo girls buttons!
   please e-mail me for complete details on these.

   thanks!  rob

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