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  [ig-news] re: sigc-spitfire last night? anyone?   [jendy <>]
  [ig-news] article from the alligator online  [sherlyn koo <]


date: wed, 28 oct 1998 14:47:42 -0500
from: jendy <>
subject: [ig-news] re: sigc-spitfire last night? anyone?

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]


i went to the spitfire tour last night and i must say that, on the whole, it
was very well done. the speakers caused me to think about a lot of things i
don't normally think about. i'm really glad that amy brought cecilia
rodriguez along with her. i think she really touched the hearts of a lot of
people who knew nothing about the war in mexico. her speech was highly
inspirational and full of emotion. an article about amy and cecilia that was
published in the alligator this morning can be found at

amy sang go when cecilia rodriquez finished and the crowd seemed to love it.
as usual, she was great. amy did really well with the question and answer
thing. surprisingly, many of the questions were directed towards amy and
cecilia rodriguez. it seems as though what they said had a great effect on a
lot of people who attended, and that's a great thing.

i spoke to amy for awhile before the show started. she urged me to urge
everyone i know to go to the school of the americas at ft. benning in
columbus, georgia on november 21-22 to close it down. so i'm urging you all
to go. if you need or want information about this, email me privately.



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date: thu, 29 oct 1998 08:43:43 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] article from the alligator online

hey folks,

here is the article from the alligator that jendy
mentioned - it's online here:

- -sherlyn

- -----
tour calls students to action

by ken lewis
alligator writer

indigo girls singer amy ray recalled a recent tour of mexico and a
village where american-provided tanks rumbled through the dirt
streets in an effort to intimidate zapatistas.

"my tax dollars were paying for those tanks," ray said tuesday
during the spitfire tour. she told the temporarily silenced crowd
gathered at the o'connell center they do not have to be a part of

"as an american you can say, 'i am not complicit. my hand is not
in the pot,'" she said.

ray addressed thousands of frenzied students at the tour, a call
to action featuring a wide spectrum of celebrities who continually
brought the audience to its feet, yelling hysterically.

ray introduced cecilia rodriguez, a spokeswoman in america for the
zapatista national liberation front.

the zapatista movement springs from chiapas, the southeastern-most
region of mexico. on jan. 4, 1994, about 800 mayan tzetlan
soldiers of the zapatista movement seized the town of acteal,
opening police and property archives and torching the contents.
another 1,000 soldiers took nearby towns.

"government has become a product of corporations," said rodriguez
to the screaming audience. "men, women and machines are equal
servants to money."

the evils of money and its power came up again and again in the
speeches of former nirvana bassist krist novoselic, former mtv
veejay kennedy, marijuana activist todd mccormick, dead kennedy's
jello biafra and actor woody harrelson.

"what does more damage to the world?" biafra asked. "a drug
addict or a wealth addict?"

"the issue here is not left versus right. it's top against the

rodriguez read a zapatista proclamation that said money offered,
instead of dignity, a globalization of misery.

she said the mexican government subjected chiapas residents to
15,000 deaths annually through poverty and disease.

"that is violence," rodriguez said. "and people have a right to
defend themselves."

americans have a responsibility to act, she said.

"i'm going to stand here and tell you that your business ... is
to be about the business of rebellion."

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sherlyn koo -               [sydney, australia]
"once again, i play midwife to my dreams..."       - peter mulvey

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