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  [ig-news] soon to be nothing          ["lane, tara e." <>]


date: wed, 14 oct 1998 10:42:23 -0400
from: "lane, tara e." <>
subject: [ig-news] soon to be nothing

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  not news, but...]

actually, i don't think these have been posted before, so i've tried to
figure 'em out.  (?) means i'm not sure if what i've written is correct,
and -- means there's a word or two that i am at a loss to figure out.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
count(?) the mountain road, saw the heavy load
with the sagging heart, and they'll break apart
voices in release(?), stood as thick as theives
with no sympathy, for the beggar's art(?)

- - pass these crimes, bout a million times
now i grab the wheel, fear is what i feel
- -----, ----of me

and you tell me it's temporary, just a matter of time
by god, don't you think i know it's in my mind
and it's right over left, healin the -
i'll soon be nothing, but i don't know when

well the way i flee, on my crooked feet
- --happy horse, on a one track course
and i self-despise, crying out my eyes
cause the happy trail, led me to remorse
but the road is long, and the song is gone
i grow empty in my - shell
if i saw the choice, i might find my voice
but i don't know when, and i just can't tell


deep behind my face, is a safer place
but the gears are hitched tight to the gate
it's a daily grind waiting to unwind
till i hear the click that unlocks my fate

- ------------------------------------------------------------------
this is a scarier song than i first thought.  does anyone know what this
was written about?  hopefully emily didn't write it about herself -
sounds like someone she knew was in an accident and had suicidal
thoughts.  any info anyone?

- ---------------------------------------------------------------
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