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  [ig-news] listee musician tape  [shelley miller <]


date: tue, 29 sep 1998 13:53:27 pdt
from: shelley miller <>
subject: [ig-news] listee musician tape

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  it's absolutely not news,
but some of you might be interested in taking part...]

okay, here we go!  i want all of you talented, musically groovy/goofy
listees to come on out of the woodword.  its time for the listee
musician compilation tape.

basic ground rules:

well, i don't really have any, yet...but, i'd like to think that there
are enough of us out there who write/perform/amuse our plants and
neighbors with our own songs/spoken word performance to fill up a whole
tape.  i suppose, if you really want to do a cover, that'd be okay
(given that this wasn't really my idea in the first place).

do you have to be a professional musician with lots of hi-tech recording
equiptment?  heck, no.  do you have to have loads of musical talent
and/or experience?  heck, no.  do you absolutely have to do this if you
are one of those people who sings along to every song on the radio
without even knowing the words?  absolutely!

don't be shy!  right now, i'm just looking to get a feel for how many
hams we have out there.  so if you're interested, write me at

if you know how long your song is/title/any other pertinent info that
you think would help, include that, too.

i will be taking submissions until october 7th (next wednesday).

can't wait to hear!


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