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  [ig-news] merriweather boot tree 7/18/98  [alexandra friedman <alexandra_f]


date: mon, 28 sep 1998 14:42:39 -0400
from: alexandra friedman <>
subject: [ig-news] merriweather boot tree 7/18/98

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey yall
so here (finally) is the 7/18/98 merriweather show.  its not as great as
some of the boots deb has been so kindly offering up to us, but its still
pretty good (i think) for a pavilion show.  so here we go...
tried to be true
gone again
least complicated
shed your skin
get out the map
scooter boys
the weight
water is wide
closer to fine

the tape is 60 min. some of the branches should be getting their tapes
soon, so please be patient with them.  maybe one or two expressed interest
in being a branch, and when i emailed them saying i hadnt received their
tapes, i didnt get a response. so either they  sent me their tapes or just
are not interested. if this is the case, email me because i am the overflow
person.  sorry that this isnt the most organized tree, but ya know i tried : )

january - missy -
february - lamia -
march -jude -
april - keri -
may - kate -
june - robin -
july -
august - monique -
september - kendra -
october - karen -
november - alexandra -
december - jill -

european branch - katherin -
overflow - me (sasha) -

any problems or questions,lemme know

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