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  [ig-news] ig mountain stage on sunday night  [deb <indigo@mi]
  [ig-news] fwd: 9:30 club boot - leaf announcement  [deb <indigo@mindspring]


date: sat, 26 sep 1998 18:15:24 -0400
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] ig mountain stage on sunday night

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

> newsletter
>september 25, 1998 - september 28, 1998

>the indigo girls - folk duo emily saliers and amy ray perform on
>mountain stage on wrlt, nashville's radio lightning.
>sun. sept. 27 - midnight

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date: sat, 26 sep 1998 15:51:00 -0400
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: 9:30 club boot - leaf announcement

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

tapes and labels have all been mailed out to the branches, so if you'd like
a copy of the much-lauded ngltf benefit show in dc at the 9:30 club, (a
full description is in the message included below), please make
arrangements with the person associated with your birthday month.  claudine
is going to be the uk branch,  sandy the canadian branch, and kathrin the
german branch, but if there are others outside the us who want the tape,
i'm hopeful that you'll be able to come to a satisfactory arrangement with
either the person associated with your birthday month or one of the
branches near you. the only stipulation i have is that *no one* can make a
profit or *require* a trade -- anyone should be able to get them by sending
a 110 minute blank and an sase, though it would be nice to arrange a trade
if you can.  the quality of this show is excellent, and it was a terrific
mostly-acoustic performance by the girls, good mix of old and new.  i
filled the tape with the songs from the acoustic cafe performance, they fit
really nicely with the 9:30 show.  i really think this is a must-have boot,
and the branches i've heard back from seem to agree.

here are the branches:

mar    laura <>
apr     jude <>


branches should use the following addresses for overflow; if you receive
more requests than you can handle (and please take care of at least the 15
you've committed to), please refer those folks to overflow branches as


original branch announcement with tape description follows.

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>date: fri, 04 sep 1998 21:33:54 -0400
>from: deb <>
>at 10:46 am 9/4/98 , mary post wrote:
>>did anyone boot the 9:30 club show from august?
>funny you should ask. :-)
>i'm ready to tree this *amazing* boot.  i didn't record it (i was still in
>newport, so my friend took my minidisc recorder and recorded it for me).
>i'm heartbroken that i missed it, it's one of the best ig shows i've ever
>heard.  this show was in washington, dc on 8/10, the day after their newport
>show, and it was a benefit for ngltf.  most of it sounds like it came from
>the soundboard, it's that good.  the only real problem with it is that the
>last minute or so of galileo is cut off, and the beginning of "the boys just
>laugh" has a bit of mic juggling as my friend resituated the recorder after
>changing discs.  but this is easily one of my top 5 favorite boots ever.
>lots of new songs, almost entirely acoustic (plus sara!), an unbelievably
>enthusiastic crowd that was quiet during the songs and maxed out the levels
>on my recorder after them <g>... a classic, must-have boot, imho.  here's
>the track list:
>       it's alright
>       land of canaan
>       get out the map
>       thin line
>       hammer and a nail
>       "sister" (this new amy song is really beautiful and haunting)
>       least complicated
>       shed your skin
>       "soon to be nothing" (new emily song)
>       "oh rosalynn"/shame on you
>       power of two
>       cut it out (*very* passionate)/wish you were here (pink floyd)
>       virginia woolf
>       "gone again" (my favorite new amy song)
>       galileo (cut)
>       "the boys just laugh" (new amy song)
>       "suffragette song (go)" (new amy song) (w/3 finger cowboy)
>       closer to fine
>i am willing to make tape boots (sorry, it's too long to fit on a single cd
>and i don't have time to make 30 cds) of this for about 15 branches, who
>must send me a 100 minute tape and an sase (the show is closer to 90
>minutes, but the break is more natural at 50 minutes than 45).  in turn,
>branches agree to make at least 15 tapes for others.  under no circumstances
>is anyone to profit from this distribution, it is for your personal
>enjoyment only.
>if you're interested, please reply to this message *privately*.  i'll post
>to the list when all branches have been selected.  please do not reply if
>you don't know how a tree works, or if you don't have time, or if you only
>have a boom box to dub with, or if you can't get around to mailing me your
>tape for a while... a tape tree works best if the root and branches are
>somewhat professional about the endeavor.
>with all that said, if you still want to be a branch <g>, send me a message
>privately and i will notify you *only* if you are selected.  i will post to
>the list when branch positions are filled.  if you are not selected as a
>branch, watch for the leaf announcement, which should go out in 4 -6 weeks.
>with 15 branches there should be plenty to go around, so please, serious
>inquiries only for branch positions.

[p.s. -- one more note in the interest of complete disclosure... the levels
were maxed on "go!" so you'll hear pops, but still quite listenable... in
all, about 5 minutes of this tape are less than perfect.]

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #190

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