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date: mon, 21 sep 1998 12:37:18 +0100
from: cherry lewis <>
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subject: [ig-news] boot offer to uk/european fans
precedence: bulk

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

thanks to the great generosity of jude hunter i now have these boots
tuesday's children (studio)
60 min
wysteria, carolina in my mind, jukie's lament, her town too, house
at pooh corner, danny's song, rock me on the water, father and son,
come down in time, it's too late, you've got a friend, dancing
shoes, long ago and far away, leaving ain't fair, a heart in new
york, tuesday's children

color me grey (amy ray)
60 min
scared to say we're friends, nashville, falling star, carry me
away, anyway i love you, clues to you, always be there, color me
grey, free through eternity, passing time, losing touch, erase the
pain, anyone but myself

blue food - the dugout, decatur, ga
60 min
if you live like that, crazy game, holy city, weakness in me, never
stop, peace song, draw the line, nashville, malachy's, everybody's
waiting (studio), the untitled song, running from the cold, no way
to treat a friend, i wanna be your lover, american tune

the dugout, decatur, ga
60 min
up on the roof, summer-highland falls, the untitled song, rock me
on the water, draw the line, no way to treat a friend, crazy game,
romeo and juliet, love the one you're with, if you live like that,
nashville, fire and rain, drift away, up on the roof

the purple parrot, atlanta, ga
90 min
no way to treat a friend, if you live like that, weakness in me,
love of the common people, house at pooh corner,  danny's song,
holy city, never stop, hammond song, drift away, love the one
you're with, draw the line, girls talk, the water is wide, the
unititled song, everybody's waiting, crazy game, up on the roof,
country road, it's too late, summertime

march 16, 1987
the white dot
atlanta, ga
prince of darkness, cold as ice, make it easier, secure yourself,
up in smoke, pushing the needle too far, summertime, walk away,
>from beauty to disaster, land of canaan, mandy, high ho0rse, all
along the watchtower

april 4 93
the forum london england
three hits, joking, prince of darknesss, galileo, jonas and ezekial,
watershed, fugitige, land of canaan, ghost, romeo and juliet, the wood
song, ttr, language or the kiss, closer to fine, chicken man, love will
come to you, welcome me, mona lisas and madhatters.

and to quote jude's original offer:
these boots are great copies.. the sound is good and every new person on
the list should have a copy of these boots.

i am offering these to uk/ european fans on the same basis as jude
originally offered - ie; just send me blanks and enough to cover postage
and they're yours.  you will need 5 c60s, 1 c90 and 1 c100 if you want the

if you're interested email me and we can set up the details.


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