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ig-news-digest      wednesday, september 9 1998      volume 01 : number 180

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] merriweather lilith boot -- canada leaves only  [robin squires <]
  [ig-news] ig in the march edition of canberra's "bma"...  [nicki schroeter]
  [ig-news] celebrity cafe interview        [sherlyn koo <>]


date: tue, 8 sep 1998 16:47:44 -0400
from: robin squires <>
subject: [ig-news] merriweather lilith boot -- canada leaves only

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  it's not news but it might
apply to some of you...]

my apologies to everyone who emailed me about getting a copy of this boot
- -- i am the canada branch, but i recently had to reinstall my entire email
software package, and in the process i lost all the information that i had
saved -- including any addresses of people who wanted a copy of this boot.
i'm still glad to spin copies for you, but you'll have to email your
requests again, so that i know who you are.  then, we can finalize details
about trades/blanks, etc.

thanks, and sorry for all the delay and hassle,


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date: tue, 8 sep 1998 12:34:07 -0700
from: nicki schroeter <>
subject: [ig-news] ig in the march edition of canberra's "bma"...

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi guys and gals!

a bit late, i know... but for those who are interested or still don't
know this, here's an article from the march edition of the free
australian music magazine "bma" (canberra's monthly entertainment
(in advance, sorry for any typing errors!)

from the heart

i love the indigo girls. speaking to the older of the two, emily
saliers, i was able to come full circle in my appreciation for the
influence their music has had my life. i had to declare outright that
i was a devoted fan and somehow emily's response made me feel like i
was talking to an old friend.

surely anyone could love these tow american women who are in australia
for their shaming of the sun tour. if ever you have heard their music
you would know that their naturally harmonious voices are sylloquous
with strong melodies. having met when they were "just kids", they
began writing and performing together in their mid-teens, and with a
rapidly growing fan base would, "play anywhere, for free," and because
they "loved the music... early on we definitely felt a connection, but
we didn't talk about doing it as a career together for the rest of our
lives. we really didn't start playing together until 1980, but we
started playing professionally pretty much right away, even though we
were under-age we were playing open mike nights and stuff. basically
our harmonies clicked real early on and it was just something fun to
do with your buddy".
the indigo girls' fan base continues to grow world-wide and it is not
surprising that they are still going strong. not only can these two
sing like angels and play a mean guitar each, the lyrical content of
their music has the ability to speak to a diverse range of people.
their songs are rich with history and the love of our land, our people
and our higher selves. i asked emily how she saw her music in terms of
her beliefs and was it merely a means of expression. "i don't see my
music as a gift or something i've deserved or earned. i believe in a
creator, and my music i see as a part of me as much as i am a part of
the human race. it is all connected and i have a responsibility to
play that part... amy will tell you herself, she's a pagan, i guess
i'm more of a traditionalist or whatever you want to call it, but we
both accept each other for who we are." this attitude obviously
extends itself beyond their musical careers, and having been aware
that both emily and amy involve themselves in the political struggle
of native american indians, i asked emily if she knew about the native
title debate here in australia. "i think we're all moving towards a
more wholistic approach to our lives. we have to be."
the indigo girls come to australia for their second time in five
years, this time without their sometimes bass player, sarah lee. emily
told me we were to expect a range of different songs and i wondered
how they perform certain songs from shaming of the sun, particularly
those with vocal loops. "you'll hear a lot of different sounds on the
album, we play mandolin, dulcimer, a harmonium, banjo and a bazooki.
we wanted to explore the studio more which has been great fun... but
we still love touring and getting back to our grass routs".

vicki anderson


if anyone of you wants a scan of this article (with this cute photo),
just contact me privately.

do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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date: wed, 9 sep 1998 12:01:39 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] celebrity cafe interview

hey folks,

here is that article i mentioned, from the celebrity
cafe.  that url again:


amy ray, of the indigo girls and daemon records
by dominick a. miserandino

dm) what made you decide to start up daemon records?

ar) i wanted to keep my feet in the underground...i had a lot of
talented friends with no way /infrastructure to get their music
out. i love the underground, grassroots-collective philosophy of

dm) do you find that it gets too time consuming and interrupts
your own musical career?

ar) sometimes, but it also fuels my career...whenever i'm
thinking that i am not spending enough time on my own music i
pull back a little and let my employees carry the burden for the
label...they are great friends and allow me the luxury ...mostly
i depend on daemon to inspire my sense of what music means to me
and the indigo girls.

dm) do you ever find musical inspiration for the indigo girls in
the bands you sign?

ar) yes...most of the bands i sign tend to be major influences
on my own music and some of them may influence the way i
approach production and even live shows.... also they become
good friends.

dm) comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a major label
versus an independent one, if you could choose to, would you
sign the indigo girls to daemon records?

ar) i wouldn't be on my own label because emily would be
uncomfortable with the integration but i would for sure be on an
indie, like "kill rock stars." i think the truth is that all
labels live on a spectrum of capitalism...even indies can lose
sight of the real soul of music... i have had a good experience
on epic and got a lot out if it...but was preference
now would be an indie... mostly because the ties financially of
any major label corporation go beyond anything i feel
comfortable with...politically the world's globalized economic
state compel me to want to get away from any corporate ties.

dm) does daemon records ever give you more pleasure then
playing with the indigo girls?

ar) yes.

dm) what advice would you give to an independent artist trying
to get signed to an independent record label?

ar) the most important thing to any good indie is signing
touring should be prepared to tour and sell your
self on this point...also you should be willing to help in the
promotion of your own record. don't expect a indie to have money
expect them to have a good caring..."not hipper than thou" staff
who will really be behind you. and expect them to have a good
distribution set up...even very small distributors can be great
as long as they and you are focused on your touring.

dm) what does being a non-profit label mean?

ar) actually its, "not for profit" and it means if we ever make
profit...(which we don't) we always roll it into the next
project or some benefit cause.

dm) how do you go about reviewing the demos?

ar) i listen to the first song and if it doesn't grab me... i
pass on it.i don't care about recording fact i prefer

dm) does any part of managing the label stress you out like a
"typical job"?

ar) yeah...sometimes i am just tired...the most stressful thing
is when i have an amazing band who has great press and is
touring but still not selling records...i want my bands to so
well and feel satisfied in a relative way with their
accomplishments... if they don't see tangilble reslults i get

dm) could you ever give up the indigo girls and just do this?

ar) maybe.... but it's hard to separate the two.... they feed
off each other.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
        "well i've taken to talking to myself,
         and i don't even get it..."    - patty larkin

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