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  [ig-news] "big mother"..snippet in clev plain dealer  ["bethany s. ward" <]


date: thu, 27 aug 1998 10:39:37 -0400
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subject: [ig-news] "big mother"..snippet in clev plain dealer

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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here is a small article found in aug 26 clev plain dealer backstage pass
section written by jane scott.  isn't someone on the list's daughter deidre
richards?  (sware i saw a post where someone said they took their friends
nine year old to the bathroom at the odeon and then lost their spot.)

"the red-headed woman with the words "big mother is watching you" on the
back of her cap signed over 40 autographs saturday night outside the odeon.
she was emily saliers of the indigo girls, the duo that sponsored the
intriguing suffragette sessions tour that night.  deidre richards, 9, of
stow, oh, brought saliers a 18" tall singing sunflower "because her nickname
is sunny," she said.

heart's ann wilson, who had been scheduled to appear on the suffratettes
bill, was "burned out" from so much work and had to cancel the tour, added
amy ray, the other half of the indigo girls."

goes on about lisa germano and thalia zedek and how they prevent burnout.

since when is emily a red-head....i'd say strawberry-blonde,
bethany w.

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