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  [ig-news] cleve suffragette (knda long)  [lisa tatonetti <tatonetti.2@osu.]
  [ig-news] ig items for sale (fwd)         [sherlyn koo <>]


date: sun, 23 aug 1998 10:23:10 -0700
from: lisa tatonetti <>
subject: [ig-news] cleve suffragette (knda long)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey all,
i'll begin w/my usual disclaimer--i'm on digest, so sorry if i'm repeating.
it was quite a night in cleveland.  didn't arrive from columbus until
after 7, which totally panicked me, but still managed to head up the side
and end up just one person from the stage on amy's side.  great view.
looked like my usual dork self at ig shows--kept asking "are you on the
list?" and getting those totally uncomprehending stares.  anyway, first the
set list, from one of their copies (semi-colons between song titles, stuff
in parenthesis my comments and who was fronting):

roll the dice (a, e and jane s vox); way below the radio (lisa g vox/piano,
a, e background); power of two rocked!!! (a, e, and lourdes p, who was
fabulous); love is everything (jane s,  lisa g,  a & e); cimarron (a & ??);
tengo la vida (lourdes, jane s, a & e--amy was totally into this, she was
so cute playing to lourdes, who she obviously loves. one of my favs of the
night, but the folks around me would not shut up.) chisel (was this the
ultra feedback song?); go (rocked a & e front);
wood floors (lisa g vox/piano, e background--beautiful); pale light (no, i
think *this* was the ultra feedback song, where jane s. looked way
uncomfortable, while jean and josephine rocked in their own little worlds);
pullin' a cloud (a & e); jean smith accappela (set list has a question
mark--umm, something about covered bridges, jack daniels for bfast...she
scared me.  she was wasted and kept holding out her bass? guitar?? for
people around me to touch, which they really didn't want to. night got a
little weird w/jean, which amy and others obviously felt); vestigos
(lourdes, a & e background--spanish love song); soon to be nothing (new e
song, loved it, missed a's harmony, but jean smith almost redeemed herself
w/her cool spoken world); under your skin (a, e, jane backup vox, luscious
jackson song, the girls were laughing at themselves, fun); midnight train
to georgia (jane, gail--wow, not only is she stunning, but can this girl
sing!!!, and e all took a verse, they all did the funniest train
sound/motion--wooo hooo)  encore:fisherman (jane s. was magical, really
worked the crowd, a & e background);
faye tucker (a, of course.. my first time hearing this song, umm, i'm gonna
commit list sacrilege by saying i wasn't that fond of it); ziggy stardust
(gail main vocals, everybody joined in, rocked!)

this was the 3rd night of suffragette and you could tell, as folks said
about the other reviews, they were still getting it together.  a and e
seemed to be having a fabulous time, which is always fun to watch.  a mixed
bag, imo, some of the songs were amazing and some weren't my thing.  it was
kind like watching a compilation cd being made. :-)  lourdes perez lit up
the stage and was the most fun to watch 'cause amy got so cute playing
w/her.  the crowd, though, wasn't very respectful to her or any of the
other folks who played more mellow songs.  the girls agreed 'cause toward
the end emily, while laughing, said to the crowd: "thanks for
listening...sorta."  still, the overall night was great, even when things
didn't work quite as planned, like when they couldn't learn the strumming
pattern for "fisherman".  looking forward to cincinnati!

"the best thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less
seriously, it's only life afterall."--emily saliers

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date: mon, 24 aug 1998 13:27:34 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] ig items for sale (fwd)

hey everyone,

this is an excerpt of a message that was posted to
the newsgroup... i have no affiliation, this is
just fyi...

- -sherlyn
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -            [sydney, australia]
"life can be so dramatic - but it was real at the time..."
                                        - the waifs

- ---------- forwarded message ----------
from: (erinnblue)
subject: ig items for sale

i am putting the following items of my collection up for sale.  if you see
anything you're interested in, send your offer in by september 1st. i'll pay
shipping.  all items guaranteed to be in near mint condition(unless noted

promo cd singles

get together                          1990              still sealed
land of canaan                        1989              still sealed
holiday greetings/get together  1989    
joking                          1992            pic sleeve

cd singles

hammer and a nail               1990            pic sleeve/still sealed

compilation cds

hitchiker radio saga 2(radio promo disc) features "i don't want to know" plus
tracks by mary chapin carpenter, shawn colvin, roseanne cash, etc.     1989

hitchiker exampler, features "make it easier" plus tracks by mary chapin
shawn colvin, rodney crowell, etc.  comes with booklet  1990

hitchiker 2, (stock version of first hitchiker cd listed here, featuring "i
don't want to know") comes with booklet 1989

theodore-alternative music sampler, features "kid fears"(live), plus tracks by
shawn colvin, kate bush, toad the wet sproket, etc.  comes with booklet  1990

other cds

shades of indigo:  includes tracks "melissa", "daddy's all gone"; girls
interviewed by shawn colvin     promo   1990

closer to fine/history of us/centerstage    uk release/pic sleeve      

kid fears/closer to fine/centerstage/prince of darkness       promo 1989

reverse 1 live:  9 tracks               promo  1989

promo 12" singles

centerstage/prince of darkness/kid fears/closer to fine

land of canaan + 5 live(crazy game/love of the common people/mona lisas and
  mad hatters/secure yourself/kid fears)

7" singles

everybody's waiting(for someone to come home)/crazy game      1985 indie single
w/ pic sleeve  

closer to fine          white label promo               1989

closer to fine/cold as ice                              1989

closer to fine/history of us    uk release w/ pic sleeve        1989

peace by tommorrow, face of concern(atlanta group) & friends(includes ig,
michelle malone, kristen hall)  lyrics on back sleeve, everyone's signatures on
front   indie single            1987

compilation lp

don't eat out of dented cans, wrfg/atlanta radio compilation; features "don't
give up on me baby" and "walk away"   1987


strange fire            blue label promo copy
indigo girls            blue label promo copy
back on the bus y'all   stock; still sealed

cassette singles

land of canaan/never stop

power of two/rockin' in the free world(live w/ k's choice);  still sealed/
includes nice ig pin

closer to fine/cold as ice

hammer and a nail/welcome me(live); still sealed

get together/finlandia; still sealed


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end of ig-news-digest v1 #167

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