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  [ig-news] attn: bethanyp & bootx2 offer        [carrie <>]
  [ig-news] suff sess                  [carol ann <>]


date: thu, 13 aug 1998 11:59:23 -0600
from: carrie <>
subject: [ig-news] attn: bethanyp & bootx2 offer

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which
was originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list

howdy all,


i have in my possession two high quality boots.  if you are intersted in
adding these to your collection because you have 1) just subbed to the
list, or 2) haven't gotten these yet, then read on.

boot #1

las cruces indigo       recorded 8/24/96

this concert was recorded in a small venue on the campus of new mexico
state university.  since i work for a radio station, i was able to record
the concert on a dat (digital audio tape).  and, it helped that i was in
the second row of bodies...not more than 5 feet from the girls' feet since
the stage was elevated.  the boot fills a 90 minute tape.  the concert was
from the demo tour prior to the release of sots.  so, alot of the songs
were still in their infancy.  the sound is pretty good with minimal
talking.  and, like the good little recorder that i am, i didn't sing
throughout the *entire* concert.  so, you won't hear me, that's for sure.

here's the set list.
least complicated               caramia
hand me downs                   chiapas bound
it's alright                    ghost
kind friend                     cut it out
get out the map                 reunion
tried to be true                galileo
winthrop                        *encore*
don't give that girl a gun      shame on you
everything in it's own time     closer to fine
bury my heart

boot #2

mountain stage          record date unknown

since i work at a npr station, i was able to record mountain stage right
off the satellite.  many folks were checking and waiting for this program
to air on a npr station near them but it may have been pre-empted for
holiday shows since it was scheduled to air sometime around thanksgiving
and christmas.  so........and this is a psuedo-disclaimer here....i know
that had there *not* been special holiday programs on most of the public
radio stations across the country, and broadcast schedules were readily
available so you could have found out when mtn. stage was aired,  you
would have been able to tape it yourself.  so, *breathe*...i
know i am not offering you something that you wouldn't have found
somewhere on the airwaves anyways, thus i am not abusing my powers as an
operations director.

ok. just had to say that.

now, on to the details.

the segment on  mountain stage featuring our girls is approximately 45
minutes.  so, what you would need to do is provide a 60-min tape, sase,
and a little note reminding me that you're wanting a copy of mountain
stage.  and, btw,  amy sounds *so* good during dgtgag.  makes me get
goosebumps just thinking about it.  and, you can tell they are having a
really good time.

here's the set list.
get out the map                 galileo
don't give that girl a gun      chickenman
power of two                    let the good times roll
everything in it's own time     (with all the ms guests)
hey kind friend.


if you're interested in either of these boots, you need to email me with
mountain stage and/or las cruces boot in the subject line and i'll get
back to you with my snail mail addy.

have a good day, ya'll


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date: thu, 13 aug 1998 23:55:26 edt
from: carol ann <>
subject: [ig-news] suff sess

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls maili ng list]

well...i was just searchin' and came across a cool article on suff
sess...its on the bogarts site, apparently..... here it is...its got
info i haven't heard so.....
suffragette sessions bio

     the suffragette sessions tour--an eleven-city traveling road show
of eleven
     musicians from disparate musical genres, geographic regions and
     lifestyles--will hit the road beginning august 19 in portland,

     "the suffragette sessions tour is a socialist experiment in rock
and roll," says
     amy ray of indigo girls. "gather a bunch of musicians from
different musical
     genres who are relatively unfamiliar with each other...throw them
on a tour bus
     together...drop them off at a rock club, and see what happens. no
hierarchy, no

     suffragette sessions brings together eleven performers in a
creative petri dish
     designed to sublimate their individual "status" in the music
industry and allow
     them the rare freedom to step outside their usual creative
framework into a unique
     musical environment.

     "while alliances in the music industry are being made in the name
of profit," says
     ray, "the aim of the sst tour is to establish a collective that
     cross-pollination between artists and musical genres in the name of

     "amy and emily have always been into playing with lots of different
     notes kate schellenbach of luscious jackson. "suffragette sessions
is in that
     spirit of musical participation. they said i was the drummer they
wanted, which
     was flattering and exciting...we're all accomplished professional
musicians, so no
     matter what state we're in, it's going to be good."

     jane siberry sang on indigo girls' 1994 album, swamp ophelia. "i'm
thrilled to
     work in this capacity with the indigos and all the other women
involved...i hope to
     play guitar and keyboards--i'm a good side-woman, but i rarely get
to exercise that

     the suffragette sessions tour t-shirts and poster are designed by
     stehrenberger, a leading new york illustrator and animated
character designer.
     she is the creator of bimbionic ("perfect girls for an imperfect
world"), an
     animated comedy about three genetically engineered, super-strong
supermodels on
     a mission to save the world from itself.

     "five years ago, we were on stage with siouxsie sioux and farron,"
recalls emily
     saliers of indigo girls. "picture an acoustic band, the ultimate
goth queen, and a
     brilliant folk-singer, covering billie holiday, the creatures'
'something wicked
     this way comes,' and our 'closer to fine.'"

     "on the bus after the shows, we started talking about assembling a
tour of
     musicians, each completely different in genre from the other,
playing collectively.
     suffragette sessions is that tour, and it includes elements of
latin music, spoken
     word, punk, funk, folk, poetry, sweat, cacophony, 1-3-5, and
general mayhem."

get your private, free email at

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #158

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