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  [ig-news] chicago tkts announcement    [dani and michele <>]


date: wed, 29 jul 1998 21:04:27 -0500
from: dani and michele <>
subject: [ig-news] chicago tkts announcement

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finally some published info about tkt sales!!  i got this from the chicago
reader on-line early warnings website

suffragette sessions tour with amy ray & emily sailers, ann wilson, gail ann
dorsey, lisa germano, lourdes perez, kate schellenback, jane siberry, jean
smith, josephine whiggs, thalia zedek
riviera, 8/25-26; all-ages shows on sale 10 am saturday

that's all it says; i assume tkts will only be on sale thru ticketmaster for
now. as the ans. machine at the riv said, you can only buy tkts at the door
on the day of the show.

the last time i checked, ticketmaster hadn't yet put the shows on their
website...but the chicago reader entry definitely gives me hope!!!!



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