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date: tue, 14 jul 1998 07:41:07 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] sonicnet article

hey folks,

here is the article dan mentioned, from sonicnet

- -sherlyn

[ mon., july 13, 3:00 am edt ]

indigo girls plan to mix artists on suffragette tour

the 12-date outing will serve as a supplement to the
burgeoning, all-women lilith fair.

contributing editor colin devenish reports:

fans burnt out on the burgeoning, women-weighted lilith fair
now have a small-scale alternative in the form of a 12-date
outing featuring a mix-and-match of artists and masterminded
by the folk-rock duo indigo girls.

slated for the once-around on the club circuit, the
suffragette sessions kick off aug. 19 in portland, maine, and
will make a loop encompassing parts of the northeast and
midwest, with a tentatively scheduled closing date of sept. 3
in new york.

"this tour was put together by the indigo girls. it was their
brainchild and they coordinated getting the artists," said
lisa markowitz, director of publicity at epic records, the
indigo girls' label. "it's loosely based on dylan's rolling
thunder revue tour from the '70s. they'll all come together
like in a petri dish, with each member playing on each
other's songs.

"it's all women, women from different musical genres.
there's a punk artist, a folk artist, a latin artist, a
spoken-word artist. ..."

joining the folk duo on the tour will be female funk-pop act
luscious jackson's kate schellenbach; violinist lisa germano
(john mellencamp); folk singer jane siberry; gail ann dorsey;
lourdes perez; jean smith of mecca normal; former breeder
josephine wiggs; and come's thalia zedek.

each artist will sit in on each other's sets and songs,
making for an interesting cross of styles and influences.

jane cohen, editor-in-chief of performance, an industry trade
magazine, pegged the suffragette sessions tour and the
female-themed lilith fair as landmarks in women's music. "five
or six years ago we didn't have that wealth of female solo
artists or duo groups," she said. "all of a sudden there's
this explosion, and like any new thing, people are going to
get on the bandwagon."

based in athens, ga., the indigo girls have cultivated a
reputation for folk tunes with albums such as indigo girls
(1989), which included "closer to fine" and "kid fears" (the
latter featuring r.e.m. singer michael stipe on backing

the indigo girls' spring tour of high schools was laced with
controversy when several shows were canceled due to objections
in part having to do with the homosexuality of bandmembers amy
ray and emily saliers.

how the unusual format of the suffragette sessions will be
received by the concert-going public is anyone's guess, cohen

"it's hard to predict. you never know which way the public is
going to go," she said. "the indigo girls have a strong
following in their own right and obviously they add marquee
value to the tour, particularly in clubs. it's a way to get a
couple of artists whose music they admire, up-close and
personal, in a club setting."

suffragette sessions tour dates:
aug. 19; portland, maine, tba
aug. 20; burlington, vt., memorial auditorium
aug. 22; cleveland, ohio, agora
aug. 24; detroit, mich., state theater
aug. 25; chicago, ill., riviera
aug. 26; chicago, ill., riviera
aug. 27; milwaukee, wis., tba
aug. 28; minneapolis, minn., first avenue
aug. 30; cincinnati, ohio, bogart's
sept. 1; norfolk, va., boathouse
sept. 2; philadelphia, pa., electric factory
sept. 3; new york, n.y., roseland ballroom (tentative)

=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
"and when it matters most and i can't be found,
you just climb up to the top and you will find me hanging around
with people who think they can..."     - the waifs

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date: tue, 14 jul 1998 00:10:03 -0400
from: rebecca bergknoff <>
subject: [ig-news] pnc lilith

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

alright i've never done a review before, so i don't know what to say. i do
know the entire setlist, and it's in order, i was copying it down while
they played. okay here it is:
tried to be true -that new funky version some people have been talking
kid fears-it seemded that amy and emily were waiting for the audience to
do the stipe part, but no one did. i have a really really bad voice. i'm
so tone deaf, so i didn't want to sing at the top of my lungs all by
it's alright
sys-another newish version
scooter boys(short soc)
water is wide-sarah, i'm not even going to try to spell her last name(my
spelling's as bad as my singing), and traci bonham were on for this one. i
think after this song, or maybe ctf, sarah and amy hugged. sarah kissed
amy's cheek, then began wiping, i guess the kiss, off. it was pretty



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