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today's subjects:
  [ig-news] clearing things up. . . . (fwd)  [sherlyn koo <]
  [ig-news] the rumor:  a new ig album  [lance longwell <longwell_ls@hotmail]
  [ig-news] ig in boalsburg, pa (fwd)       [sherlyn koo <>]


date: wed, 08 jul 1998 08:24:24 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] clearing things up. . . . (fwd)

hey folks,

this was sent to the lilith fair list...


date: tue, 7 jul 1998 15:44:28 edt
subject: [lilith-fair-fans] clearing things up. . . .

before the rumours take off. . . here's the official word from the lilith site

"sarah-less in columbus

word travels fast, but not very accurately. at the july 5 lilith show in
columbus, ohio, sarah mclachlan was unable to perform due to severe food
poisoning - not becuase she is pregnant, contrary to the rumours flying
around. the announcement that sarah would not be able to go on was made
just after sarah's scheduled set time by natalie merchant. everyone
waited until the last possible moment to see if sarah would be able to
go on with her show, but it just wasn't to be.

fans who were at the show may use their ticket stubs to obtain lawn
seats for the august 9th bonnie raitt show at the polaris amphitheatre.
all you need to do is to take your ticket stub to the polaris on august
9. you cannot obtain the ticket in advance, you must do it on august 9."

hope that clears up any confusion !   :)  

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date: tue, 7 jul 1998 11:09:43 pdt
from: lance longwell <>
subject: [ig-news] the rumor:  a new ig album

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  it's *sort* of news...]

ok, after conversations with anna, toye, and somebody in atlanta who's
e-mail is on my other computer system....i've decided to post everything
i know about ig's studio work.

almost 3 weeks ago, i posted to this list saying that rcam had rented
studio time at the knitting factory here in nyc.  this was during the 1
week period between ig's apple farm show (in jersey) and their
performance at the guinness fleadh here in nyc.  at that time i didn't
know if this studio time was for ig or some other rcam artist (like
kristin hall).  the only response to that e-mail was from a woman in
atlanta (sorry, but her name is on my home computer system) who said
that ig had been rumored to be in the studio in atlanta for several
weeks.  she had said it was "common knowledge" in the area.  with that
said, i have still been unable to confirm if ig's presence physically at
the knitting factory for recording.

however....i do know for a fact that some mastering was done on at least
3 ig songs.  late last week, my friend who works there called me over to
"do coffee."  i went over and he told me that he some cool new stuff by
the l-girls (as he calls them).  went into his office and i listened to
a few tracks by ig.  no, these were not whole songs, they were just
tracks.  the first track was the backing vocals of emily for problem
child (which they ended up playing a few days later at the fleadh).  on
the 1200c version, i don't recall any emily vocals at all.  however,
this was a track of operatic vocals (a la sys) that were nothing less
than stellar!  the other song was karla faye.  the drum track was *very*
weak and needs lots of work.  at one point, the drums stop and it's
obvious that they are discussing.  then it relaunches with a slightly
different line.  guitar and vocals were solid.  to me, the tracks i
listened to sounded a long way from finished product.

now, it's very common for artists who have written songs on the road to
come back into the studio and record a few things just so they have a
record of their ideas.  this way they can use that as a starting point
for their album.  perhaps this is what ig is doing.

anna mentioned the drunk guy in columbus.  he's on the right track as
far as ig in the studio, etc.  however, his 9 month time-line for a new
album seems a bit optimistic on my part.  unless ig has a trick up their
sleeves, i would be surprised to see an album by them before this time
next year (which isn't to say that miracles can't happen).

and for those who are looking for the london show, knitting factory
released ttr from that show on their g&l legal defense compilation
called "out loud." (this is still commercially available and i picked up
a copy about a month ago).  i know knitting factory has a complete
soundboard copy of that show in their archive (and a rumored
video)...but like we'll ever see one.

that's everything i know.  here's to hoping for a new album before the
end of 1999!

just sharing my (limited) knowledge,

get your private, free email at

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date: wed, 8 jul 1998 11:00:46 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] ig in boalsburg, pa (fwd)

hey folks,

i found this on the newsgroup...

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

from: twyst <>
subject: re: ig in boalsburg, pa
date: mon, 06 jul 1998 21:57:14 -0400

here's the official press release if anyone's interested...

for immediate release

wgmr "the revolution 101.1" is pleased to present what is sure to be one of
this summer's most memorable events.  appearing live, on july 10 at 7:00 pm at
the tussey mountain amphitheater, just 4 miles east of state college, pa, will
be epic records recording artist the indigo girls.  opening the show will be the
award winning singer/songwriter from boston, barbara kessler.

this very special event, featuring this very special group, occurs during the
same week as the pennsylvania festival of the arts, in state college.  while
this event is not affiliated with the arts festival, there has been an excellent
response to the announcement of this concert, and we expect that many of those
planning to be in the area for the festival of the arts will find that this
concert augments and enhances the traditional arts festival fare.

tussey mountain amphitheater is just 4 miles east of state college, off route
322 in boalsburg pa.  tickets are only $20.00 in advance, plus any applicable
convenience charges, and are available
at the tussey mountain box office, ticketmaster at vibes on college avenue, and
through ticketmaster phone charge at (814) 456-7070. shuttle-bus service will be
provided from state college to the concert and back.  details will be available
soon.  we encourage concert-goers to come early and use the shuttle buses if
possible. no bottles, cans, coolers, or chairs will be permitted.  this show is
or shine.

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #126

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