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  [ig-news] new notes from amy at daemon  [claudine lapsky <claudine@cablein]
  [ig-news] del mar lilith           [sid and selma <>]


date: sat, 27 jun 1998 10:45:17 +0100
from: claudine lapsky <>
subject: [ig-news] new notes from amy at daemon

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi everybody,

i was just checking out the daemon site and found that amy has written
some new notes:

notes from amy

ground control to...hey, i'm on the bus again and leaving the first
lilith show...heading up to yakima somewhere in the treehugging
northwest.  i'm listening to three finger cowboy and dear consumer i'm
here to encourage you - blatantly - to buy the cd kissed by three finger
cowboy.  it's rock, it's pop, it's also a little punky.  they remind me
of all those cool novelty candies from the 70's - the ones that crackle
and pop in your mouth - sweet and sour - spaceship stuff.  it's galactic
- - what else can i say.  i was looking through 4 boxes of tapes ( i
prefer cassettes for demos) and saw the envelope and just knew somehow i
would find myself signing them onto the label . it's party music -
innocent fun.

daemon is still plugging and managing to survive in the pool of
murkiness and mergers.  how to stay independent?  hmmmm...we have a lot
of premiere songwriters and bands coming this fall and will spend the
remainder of the summer reminding everyone about terri binion, danielle
howle and the tantrums, new mongrels and three finger cowboy.  danielle
has some lilith dates down in the south - please...go over to her stage
and give her some props.  if you are in  college in the southeast
especially and would like to organize having any daemon bands play a
show - get in touch with us through e-mail.   the bands want gigs and
any help is cool.

the other thing you can all do is call your local college radio station
and request any of our bands.  we especially need help with three finger
cowboy in the southeast, northwest, and chicago area.  and once again,
any stores or fanzines you want to let us know about - e-mail us...or if
anyone wants to do an interview of the bands for college or high school
papers also let us know.

i have some recommendations -

z magazine - a very in depth & focused political and arts magazine
heralded by noam chomsky
                508-548-9063 - phone
                508-457-0626 - fax

book - the antelope wife by louise erdrich

movies - clockwatchers and high art

cd's - anthology of american folk music - box set smithsonian folkways
       sexpod - goddess blues
       public enemy - fear of a black planet

viva zapata-


                amy ray



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date: sat, 27 jun 1998 10:46:58 -0500
from: sid and selma <>
subject: [ig-news] del mar lilith

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i just got back from san diego and thought i'd give y'all a review of the
del mar lilith.
shawn colvin was amazing, dancin' around on the stage and very pregnant.
emily and jerry watched her set from the side.  people were pretty mellow,
through her set and erykah's.  when the girls came on everyone stood up and
started dancing and singing.  it was sooooo good.  the set list was:
shame on you
least complicated
scooter boys
get out the map
shed your skin
galileo-emily stopped to let the crowd sing and it sort of seemed like only
a few people knew the words so amy looked over at emily and started
laughing at her.  it was cute.
problem child-there was no "i am a problem child...."part and it seemed
like they cut it short.  by then end amy was laughing pretty hard.
water is wide-with tara mclean and saram
rockin' in the free world-with k's choice
closer to fine-w/saram, taramclean, k's choice

it was over way to soon.  i did manage to boot the show, only the girls and
natalie merchant's sets (jerry played drums and sax on a few songs, and
natalie's trumpet player rocks!).  i have to warn you though, people talked
through the whole thing.  if anyone wants a copy, each set is about 50 min.
i'll be happy to trade for boots or blanks.

already impatiently waiting for the rtpr and spitfire tour....

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