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  [ig-news] ig article in college magazine  ["<erin tripp>" <]
  [ig-news] guinness fleadh new york city, part iii  ["lance s. longwell" <l]


date: tue, 16 jun 1998 21:52:09 edt
from: "<erin tripp>" <>
subject: [ig-news] ig article in college magazine

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey guys, thought you might be interested in knowing there is an ig article in
the 1998 (princeton review) times magizine.  and a really cute picture too!
it is a college magizine, like it has all the info on all the colleges
(excluding community) in the united states.  so if you guys wanna know what it
says, ill post, that is, if i get enough requests.. so just email me privately
if you wanna know.  they basically just give out their opinions on college
choices and  ya know, this and that advice... funny, emily keeps talking about
diversity!   :)    jeez, i cant figure that one out... oh well, ill keep
pondering       lemme know kind folks!

trooper, who is smiling and loving the beautiful earth...

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date: tue, 16 jun 1998 21:33:42 -0600
from: "lance s. longwell" <>
subject: [ig-news] guinness fleadh new york city, part iii

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message that was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

speaking of indigo girls, i failed to mention in my previous review that
this was the first time i have ever seen them perform as a duo without
the band.  it was a much more intimate experience...however, it was one
that i don't know was conducive to a stadium.  i think ig could perform
as a duo in a club, but in a stadium, the full band is nice.  seeing
"problem child" as a full song still hasn't sunk in yet.  i still can't
believe it.  i mean, it's so surreal for me.

and of course, they sold the obligatory program at the show for $10.  the
program came with a necklace (like a backstage pass) that held the
schedule (never mind that the schedule was wrong), it came with a
guinness fleadh folder and also a little booklet (about the size of a cd)
that had bios of all the artists.  the ig bio appeared on page 17 and was
accompanied by a small photo (about 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches....circa
swamp ophelia).  and now kind friends, i will leave you with the bio of
the indigo girls from that booklet:

indigo girls
ebullience and introspection, vocal dazzle and stinging guitar,
arrangements breathtakingly intimate or epic in range, street-talk poetry
or language on fire.  above all else, passion.  unifying all of this rich
musical diversity are two of today's unmistakable voices, amy ray and
emily saliers, and the fused grace of their vision.

ever since they emerged from atlanta with the release of strange fire on
their own indigo records in 1987, indigo girls have delivered music
that's singularly fresh, singularly inspiring.  two years later, their
self-titled epic label debut won the grammy award for best contemporary
folk album.  with four subsequent grammy nominations, an audience
allegiance captured live in 1991 on back on the bus, y'all and again on
1200 curfews in 1995, and a trail-blazing catalogue ranging from 1990's
nomads*indians*saints and 1992's rights of passage to 1994's swamp
ophelia, the duo have proved themselves songwriters and musicians of
exceptional depth and integrity.

indigo girls have always been pathfinders.  in the past they've worked
with musicians as diverse as michael stipe, jane siebery, jackson browne,
the roaches and mary-chapin carpenter.  impatient with labels, they've
crafted memorable music from a tapestry of elements:  folk, rock, world
beat, indigenous music, choral tradition.  the indigo girls' ongoing
commitment to social as well as musical change exemplified by their 1995
honor the earth tour--a month long, 21-stop benefit concert trek which
raised more than $300,000 for native american environmental groups--and
by the release of an accompanying cd, honor, featuring bonnie raitt, soul
asylum, and victoria williams among others.

their latest, shaming of the sun, presents in twelve songs the strengths
of the indigo girls in their entirety.  what strikes you first is the
album's ambition.  sweeping strings, raw stratocaster power, and the
delights of a smart instrumental eclecticism--everything from coronet and
bouzouki to stand-up bass, hurdy-gurdy, mandolin and talking drum.  the
ballads, gorgeous and candid, alternate with up-tempo gems, rocking and
direct.  ulali, a native american vocal ensemble, enlivens the tracks as

shaming of the sun is the triumph of an integrated vision.  it's music
fueled and filled with great hope, music that reaches out.  "we get a lot
of letters from people who are very specific about the way that certain
songs have helped them through difficult times, or changed them, or made
them think about things," emily says.  "our fans are very loyal, and
they're closely tied into the emotional aspect of our music."  amy agrees
adding, "we've just met so many fantastic people along the way.  probably
the best part of this work is the travelling."[sic]

all errors are mine unless noted with [sic].

ok, kind friends....that's it from the land of fleadh.


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