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  [ig-news] amy on spitfire spoken word tour  [andi <>]
  [ig-news] my report on the 2 new ep/singles  [lance longwell <longwell_ls@]


date: wed, 10 jun 1998 12:21:23 -0500
from: andi <>
subject: [ig-news] amy on spitfire spoken word tour

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this was posted to the ani list rbr-fans...i haven't seen it on here yet.


<<i got this from a mighty mighty bosstones-obscessed friend...

> zack de la rocha plans spitfire spoken word tour
> krist novoselic, exene cevenkova, amy ray expected to join
> fans wanting a more direct route to learning about their favorite
> artists will have just that opportunity
> when the spitfire tour comes to 15-20 major market college campuses in
> late summer and fall.
> co-conceived by rage against the machine's zack de la rocha, salt lake
> city promoter jason farrell,
> and a group of friends over a thanksgiving dinner, the spitfire tour
> is a spoken- word trek where
> musicians, actors, and artists will discuss topical issues of great
> importance to them. after the
> monologues, there will be a one-hour question- and- answer session
> during which the audience members
> will have a chance to speak directly with the participants.
> while the tour is still in the planning stages, artists who have been
> confirmed include current sweet 75
> (and former nirvana) member krist novoselic, who will serve as the
> moderator at each stop; mtv
> personality (and republican) kennedy; x's exene cervenkova; the indigo
> girls' amy ray; and mighty
> mighty bosstones frontman dicky barrett.
> also expected on the tour, but not yet confirmed, are the always
> outspoken jello biafra, *******ani difranco**********,
> public enemy's chuck d, director michael moore (roger & me, the big
> one), and actor woody
> harrelson with activist todd mccormick.
> a representative for san francisco- based promotion company on board
> entertainment, which is
> helping to put the excursion together, says they expect it to hit
> "politically active college campuses in
> major markets, like brown university or ucla... it will be interesting
> to see which colleges want us."
> in addition to the spoken word aspect, there will be video
> presentations, djs spinning, and booths. the
> on board entertainment spokesperson likened it to a "spoken- word
> lollapalooza." the tour is
> expected to kick off at the end of august and go through september,
> moving from the east coast to the
> west coast.>>

                                  andrea lipman

                        "i've always been an easy read
                just once i want to be a mystery"-catie curtis

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date: wed, 10 jun 1998 08:27:21 pdt
from: lance longwell <>
subject: [ig-news] my report on the 2 new ep/singles

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey kind friends,

this is my report on the new ep and single.

the red cover version is the actual shed your skin single ("includes tom
morello mix").  catalog #41107.  the track listing is:
sys (album version)
sys (live) from mn 8/20/97 lilith fair
sys (tom morello remix)
get out the map (live) from lilith fair at pa 8/13/97
shame on you (live) from ca show 1/29/98
this is solid.  it's a good flow for a single.

i got an e-mail from someone last night asking more questions about the
morello mix, so i thought i'd address that now.morello mix is incredible
(but i'm sure most of you have heard it).  i just needed to mention that
i love the new native american-inspired riffs.  heavy drums is a nice
touch.  however, i'm not thrilled that emily's "opera-esque" singing has
been removed.  there is almost *no* emily in the song now.  the guitar
and chord progression is reminiscent of ratm's "bombtrack" with a little
sprinkling of percussion.  i still just can't say how much i love the
new percussion on the track.  for those who don't like might
not like it.  ulali backing vocals seem to raise above this song and
hang cream rising in milk.
also, i thought it was cool that emily was wearing a rage against the
machine (ratm) t-shirt on the cover.

the blue cover is called simply "ep" not sys.  ask for it by name.
catalog # esk 41261.  track listing:
sys (tom morello remix)
get out the map (live) from lilith pa 8/13/97
shame on you (live) from ca show 1/29/98
everything in it's own time (live) from 99x's live show on 4/27/97
blister in the sun (live) from la jolla, ca 2/1/98
sys (live) from lilith in mn on 8/20/97
tom morello mix is the same.  however, everything in it's own time is an
incredible version.  i listened to it again on the subway this morning.
suddenly felt so all alone and alienated.  this is an absolutely
incredible version of eiiot!!!!!

now, let's talk commercial distribution for a minute.  i honestly can't
envision ig putting out both of these on the commercial market.  i
envision that that ep (blue cover) will be the lilith-only special
(mostly because those live songs come from lilith...most of 'em anyway).
however, there is too much work that went into the sys single (red
cover) to not make it commercially available.  i suspect that we will be
seeing the sys single available in stores before the end of summer.
however, that's not to say we shouldn't pick up what we can now, because
all of the one's i've seen thus far have all said:  "demonstration:  not
for sale".

that's my review for now.

(a.k.a. mr. snag)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #99

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