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ig-news-digest         wednesday, june 3 1998         volume 01 : number 094

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  [ig-news] slam boot tree           ["donna m schwartz" <>]


date: tue, 2 jun 1998 14:43:20 -0400
from: "donna m schwartz" <>
subject: [ig-news] slam boot tree

hi listees,
the tree for the virginia slam ii boot is ready.  the show was great and =
the sound quality is excellent.  the following is the set list:
shame on you, it's alright, three hits, power of two, scooter boys,get =
out the map,joking,ghost,shed your skin,least complicated,i don't wanna =
know,caramia,chickenman,galileo,cut it out/wish you were here, and =
closer to fine.
you will need to send a 100 minute tape and a self-addressed stamped =
envelope to the following people who are so generously donating their =
time to be branches.  contact the branch that falls within your birthday =
may and june:
sept and october:
nov and december:
enjoy the show!

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