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date: mon, 1 jun 1998 18:05:02 -0400
from: christy lynch <>
subject: [ig-news] lilith fair/girlfriends

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hey. this might have already been mentioned. sorry if it has. but i just
bought the june issue of girlfriends magazine, and i am shocked at some of
the terrible things said about lilith fair (and the indigo girls!). has
anyone else read this? what do you think? sounds like politics to me! i've
typed up the part about the girls:

        jill sobule, one of lilith's two openly queer acts, confined herself to a
musical rather than a political agenda. the other out act, cover-model
perennials (and michigan stalwarts) the indigo girls also chose their
moment in the sun to distance themselves from their lesbian fans--fans who
trailed them from venue to venue.
        "it's not a conscious thing performing as a lesbian. there is a certain
feeling sometimes that the community owns gay artists to a certain extent
or claims them as their own," emily saliers informed radio interviewers
gene and kam during a lilith press conference. "but we are no more
connected to a gay person than we are to a heterosexual person."

let me know what you think!
                                                chris :)

"i want nothing but quiet and an active brain."
                        virginia woolf

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