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date: thu, 28 may 1998 14:01:01 edt
subject: [ig-news] interview with emily in southern voice this week

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

indigo girl speaks out after controversial concert bans
saliers meets with decatur high students
by laura brown

just two weeks after high schools in south carolina and tennessee canceled
concerts by the duo, indigo girls' emily saliers spoke to gay teens and their
straight supporters at atlanta's decatur high school.

saliers led a casual discussion may 19 with twenty members of spectra, an
after school organization for youth dealing with issues of sexuality.

the group, whose name stands for students promoting education, compassion,
trust, respect and acceptance, began this fall and may be the only gay-
alliance in georgia's public school system.

"it's really important that we are having this discussion now, especially with
just happened to us in some other high schools," saliers told the students.

indigo girls were scheduled to perform a free show at irmo high school in
columbia, s.c., may 7, but the principal canceled the appearance after parents
complained that saliers and singing partner amy ray are lesbians.

the grammy-winning duo instead played at columbia's township auditorium and
gave away 2,000 of the 3,000 available tickets free to high school students.
students who were suspended for walking out of classes in protest of the
cancellation are fighting their punishment in court.

of the duo's five scheduled high school concerts, only two took place. indigo
performed april 13 at loganville high school in loganville, ga., and may 4 at
franklin high school in franklin, tenn.

but farragut high school in knoxville, tenn., backed out of their show
for may 6, as did germantown high school in memphis, tenn. germantown
principal edward chism said his decision to ax the may 5 concert came after
indigo girls used profanity in one song of their set in loganville.

"some parents found out that we were gay and complained to the principals, and
they canceled the shows, and it had sort of a domino effect. in the press
there was
a lot of talking about how people feel about gay people, and we tried to
engage in
some dialogue with the parents, but they wouldn't agree to that," saliers told
decatur high students, adding that she didn't believe the principals were
concerned about profanity.

"i don't know if you know the song, 'shame on you,' but it has the f-word in
it, and
at the first school we played, amy sang the word," she explained. "i don't
that you should be allowed to use free profanity in school, i think that there
do have
to be boundaries and it is offensive to some people, and amy understood that
she called the principal after that show and apologized to him.

"what amy did then was call other principals and say that we will sign a piece
paper saying that we won't use profanity, but what happened was they used that
an excuse because they knew that sexuality was such a hot topic and there was
such a protest against it."

while the high school incident was more obvious, saliers said she believes she
ray have also experienced more subtle homophobia during their careers.
"amy and i have been really lucky to be successful, and we just sort of do our
and half the time we forget we're gay," she said. "we can play chastain park
three nights and then turn around and play small clubs, so our sexuality
really hasn't held us back.

"but i think what has hurt us is the talk that goes on behind our backs, and i
there is homophobia in things like radio programming decisions ... i feel sure
there is prejudice against us in that, and there are also people in record
who talk about our image or lack of it. we don't match the way women are
supposed to act or dress."

straight allies can have "a lot" of impact in helping gay people be treated
saliers told the spectra members, many of whom identified as heterosexual.
"if you're gay, there's a certain amount of self hatred that goes on whether
you want
to admit it or not," she said. "i've been thinking about this a lot, because
when the
school [shows] got canceled, it really hurt our feelings. but most of the
who supported us weren't gay, and that impressed us a lot. ...

"having the heterosexual community come out and embrace people is good for
morale-it's having people say, 'you know what, sexuality is not an issue for
saliers continued. "whether or not i admit it, i am affected by what society
to a certain extent, so to have heterosexual people embrace you as a human
regardless of sexuality, is very affirming and empowering ...

"the support of straight people is invaluable because a lot of times,
straight people are going to change other straight people's minds more than

as students shared their own stories about speaking out for acceptance,
within their churches, saliers said her own father-a united methodist minister
theology professor-is supportive of her sexuality.

"i was raised christian and methodist, and my dad is a minister. he does
me]," she said. "my dad doesn't believe that homosexuality is a sin, and i go
church in a place where the minister doesn't believe it is a sin. the
church won't ordain homosexuals, but it's changing."

saliers said she came out after her sophomore year in college, "but growing up
always had really close friendships with other girls-nothing sexual at all,
but really
close friendships. back in high school, i never really had a language for
asked whether she experienced a "pivotal moment" that prompted her coming out,
"well, somebody kissed me," saliers laughed, "and i was like, 'ah, that's how
supposed to be.' then i had to go through the whole process of thinking about
and asking how i feel about sexuality, how i feel about homosexuality, how i
this to my spirituality, how my family will respond ... so it was a pivotal
and then there was a period of thinking about it."

she also encouraged the students, most of whom were white and female, to
consider the current controversy in the nearby kirkwood neighborhood and the
questions it raises about the interactions between sexuality, race and gender.
story, page 7]

"a black minister called neighbors together to protest the white gays and
taking over their neighborhood, and i wanted to talk about that, because
that's a
double issue," she said. "we need to think about how we separate those
issues-how neighbors can feel like they can lose their identities when other
people come in, and then it is a gay issue on top of that. and that is going
on in our

despite the recent controversy in other schools, decatur high school principal
william j. funk said he had no reservations in allowing saliers' visit.

"she came as part of a special meeting they had, and from what i hear it was a
success ... it was a completely different situation from what i read about in
paper," he told southern voice.

asked whether he shared the other principals' concerns about indigo girls
profanity and being lesbians, "the latter did not concern me, and as for the
former, if
it had been an assembly program, it might have been different. this wasn't
part of
curriculum related activity, but we are concerned about language and setting a
example with students," funk said.

although other principals and parents have disagreed, funk said he believes
and ray are appropriate role models for students.

"i have been to indigo girls concerts, and amy ray is a contemporary of my
daughter at church. i have very special personal feelings for the indigo
girls, and i
judge them by their music and their social concerns," he said.

dhs student samantha ryan, a self-described "rampant lesbian," said saliers'
was the perfect way for the organization she founded to end its first year.
"it was magical," she said. "this is my last meeting and i think this is just
the perfect send-off ... i love spectra with all my heart, it was my baby, and
i'll still be around, just in the shadows." a junior, ryan said she is leaving
dhs after this year in order to attend the county's open campus high school
and graduate early.

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date: fri, 29 may 1998 00:37:51 edt
subject: [ig-news] shed your skin cd & lilith ep info

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i found some amazing things today in a local cd store.   i got the shed your
skin remix cd, along with an advance copy of the new ep being sold at the
lilith fair this summer.

i just thought that people might want to start checking out their local used
cd stores, on the off chance you might find them.

the shed your skin cd has the following tracks:
1) shed your skin (album version)
2) shed your skin (live) (8/20/97)
3) shed your skin (tom morello remix)
4) get out the map (live) (8/13/97)
5) shame on you (live) (1/29/98)

the ep (which, i believe, will be given away with purchase of sots at lilith)
has these tracks:
1) shed your skin (tom morello remix)
2) get out the map (live) (8/13/97)
3) shame on you (live) (1/29/98)
4) everything in it's own time (live) (4/27/97)
5) blister in the sun (live) (2/1/98)
6) shed your skin (live) (8/20/97)

both are full color digipaks, and have information about each track (place
recorded, people involved, etc.) and also a list of lilith dates.


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date: fri, 29 may 1998 01:36:37 -0500
from: anne haines <>
subject: [ig-news] appel farm festival 10th anniversary (fwd)

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from the newsgroup...

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from: (appelarts)
subject: appel farm festival 10th anniversary
date: 28 may 1998 20:01:40 gmt

excitement is mounting as the 1998 appel farm festival day approaches.  it's a
10th anniversary event with a whole list of firsts!!

with all the recent controversy, indigo girls fans are looking forward to
having their first chance to see them live in the region since summer of '97.

moxy fruvous will also make their first concert stage appearance in the region
since the release of their new album on may 19th.

joseph parsons returns to us soil after a successful 10 week european tour.

grey eye glances perform live cuts from their album due on july 21st.

muddy waters' son, big bill morganfield, makes his east coast debut!

the pnc bank appel farm arts & music festival is set for saturday, june 6, 1998
from 12:00 noon to 8:00pm.  headliners, the indigo girls, will be joined by
iris dement, moxy fruvous, livingston taylor, grey eye glances, vance gilbert,
karen savoca, joseph parsons, big bill morganfield, whirligig and michele nagy.

appel farm is in southern new jersey, just 35 miles south-east of philadelphia.
for more info call 1-800-394-1211.  if you would like a brochure, please
forward an address.

tickets are $24 in advance and $28 on the day (subject to availability).
seniors and students with id are $20 in advance and $24 on the day.  children
12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.  visa, mastecard
and discover card accepted at 1-800-394-1211.

lots more information at

tell a friend...
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